At Arizona Ammunition, LCC.® we know the age old question is how a bullet will perform when fired, as it travels, and when it strikes the target.  There are many many factors to be considered when determining performance.  Our very good friend and great rifle builder John Lazzeroni once wrote an article stating that (paraphrased) 'no matter how great a bullet expands and performs once it hits...that means nothing unless you can hit the target'.  So what we look at is that very thing in performance.  How does the bullet fly, what eliminates effect it while it flies, and what does it do when it hits the intended target.

So we look at the following;

1. Bullet design

2. Bullet construction

3. The tip and its shape

4. The base and its shape

5. The material used

6. The bearing surface or body of the bullet

7. The ojave placement and its consistency


 So lets talk about each one-

1. Bullet design-  The design of a bullet is a complicated feat of engineering and is totally takne for granted by most shooters.  The list is growing too.  There is;

1. Boat tail

2. Flat base

3. Rebated boat tail

4. Hollow point

5. Closed point

5. Polymer point

6. Flat point

7. Spire point


Each design as a specific intended performance.  For example a boat tailed bullet has proven to be the best long range performer over all. But some flat based bullet designs fly well at long range too.  Factors of barrel length and barrel twist rate help or hinter the success of the bullet too.  In this evaluation and discussion we will set aside the barrel specifications.

2. Bullet construction-

3. The tip and its shape-

4. The base and its shape-

5. The material used-

6. The bearing surface or body of the bullet-

7. The ojave placement and its consistency-



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