At Arizona Ammunition, LLC.® we work hard to bring the best products to our shooters.  With ammunition boxes there are many to choose from today. We carefully look at all the boxes offered each year at our vendor show. We are not drawn to most popular or certainly the cheapest box either. In our search we have found that some boxes are TOO expensive for the benefit they claim to bring. It is common for our boxes to last for many many years too.  We have customers that are still using the same high quality ammunition box we provided them with 19 years ago!


THEY ARE TOUGH! THEY COME WITH CUSTOM LABELS! Comes  with a foam pad for inside the top too (50 round box only)! We sell primarily durable plastic boxes in several colors and we offer one heavy duty cardboard box for the 50 BMG.  All of our boxes come with a special label with your name on it and the details of the selected caliber.  All this is on two separate full color heavy duty custom made 2 x 4 inch labels.  These labels have lasted up to 19 years and are totally professional in appearance.

1. SMALL CALIBER AMMUNITION BOXES-  We offer both 50 and 20 round sturdy hinged and slip top plastic boxes with two custom label on each. Colors are Smoke, Red, Blue, White/clear, Camo, and Yellow on most.  We do not stock all of them though.

A. 50 round box- from 17 caliber to 458 Winchester Mag.-$3.50 each and includes two free custom color labels and foam padd for the top.

B. 50 round box- 223 WSSM caliber- $3.08 each and includes two free color ustom labels and foam padd for the top.

C. 50 round box- 300 WSM caliber $3.75 each and includes two custom color lables and foam padd for the top.

D. 20 round slip top box-223 WSSM to 300 WSM $3.50 each and includes two custom color labels

G. 20 round hinged top box- 300 WSM- $3.50 each and includes two custom color labels.

H. 50 round hinged top box– Big magnum box-fits 378 Wby. Mag- Blue only-includes two custom color labels and foam padd for the top.

J. 20 round slip top box– Big magnum- fits 378 Wby. Mag.-Blue only-includes two custom color labels.

2. 50 BMG AMMUNITION BOXES-  We offer the toughest custom plastic 50 BMG ammunition box avaliable. It has very durable hinged top, holds 50 rounds, and we provide two custom labels.  It has a great durable top handle for easy carrying,  It has a brass latch on the front that does not pop open  either.  We have sold it for 19 years and love it!

Many years ago we invested in die cutting tools to make the very nice custom foam insert for the big 50 custom box.  This foam insert is like none other in the industry either.  It holdes 50 loaded 50 BMG rounds in place and is very secure.  The height is excellent for standard length 50 BMG loaded rounds like the Hornady AMAX.  The very long Bore Rider bullet loaded round may not fit and another box will have to be used.

Our foam insert is secured in the box with a durable glue as is the foam piece on the top.  Nothing else on the market secures and protects your loaded ammunition better than our custom 50 BMG ammunition box. We have had these boxes in the field for 19 years and are still going strong!

PRICE- comes in Black only- $36.00 each.  It is the best custom 50 BMG ammunition box in the world!  

3. OUR SECOND BOX IS A DURABLE CARDBOARD CUSTOM AMMUNITION BOX- This box features or custom foam 50 round insert that is also glued into the box.  We must warn you that this box, while tough, will not last under heavy use, bad weather, or rough handling.  Call and discuss your plans for the use of this box.Expect a coupleof years of life depending on how you use them.  

PRICE-Brown cardboard only- $16.99 each (includes foam cartridge holder glued in box) 

4. CUSTOM FOAM INSERTS FOR A 50 BMG BOX- We do sell just the custom foam insert too.  It will fit a metal military ammo can loosely and some other manufacturers boxes some what loose too.

PRICE- dark gray only- Includes the tall foam with the 50 holes, botton padded foam, and two pieces of the top foam.-$19.99 per set.


updated 04/15/16


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