In our 19 years in business and test firing thousands of bullets we know bullet performance.  It is ever changing though. At ARIZONA AMMUNITION, LLC.® we do not use the current ‘popular’ bullets just because they are the latest rage.  O we test them to keep up on progress and new ideas but, it has to be functional in every aspect.  We use the ballistic gel test, Ohler 43 and Ohler 35P chronograph test and the actual field test on live targets. While the ballistic coefficient (BC) is important it is not everything.  Always know that the published BC by the manufacturer sets their own BC by a mathematical calculations.  It is an accepted industry procedures without an over sight board or anything.  There are some companies that actually have a “marketing” BC, a BC that helps sell bullets. Know that the BC listed for a bullet is relative to a certain distance, usually  around 100 yards.  As the bullet travels and slows the BC changes…basically it gets worse.  All know that do calculations on BC that the faster the bullet travels the BETTER THE BC.  Even a bullet with a less that good BC benefits from higher speed.  And a bullet with a great BC benefits by getting and even better BC at higher speeds and longer distances. That is an absolute fact.

A common mistake by shooters today is the selection of a bullet that does not fit the application.  It might shoot accurately but, be totally the wrong application. Many manufacturers provided recommended applications for their bullet and are generally correct.  They have data on the effective application, effective speed, and some even list the recommended barrel twist.  Of course ARIZONA AMMUNITION, LLC.® is known for its higher speed ammunition thus improving the BC as the bullet travels and generally improving the bullets performance.

As stated bullet manufactures often list a recommended speed for best performance.  We accept and respect that but, we have found in 98% of the cases where we greatly increase speed the bullet has an improved performance. We often discuss our plans our results with the manufacturer.  Most shake their head (while they smile) at our results.  Our opinion shown here is on bullets that we push to the limit. Therefore other ammunition and bullet manufactures may have legitimate results that differ from ours do to our higher speeds. Compare their data with ours carefully.

Not all bullets are created the same.  Again each has a specific purpose as designed by the manufacturer.  There is no such thing as a bullet that does everything.  Anyone claiming such is a fool and separated from the truth and reality!.  We test and test and test bullets in all types of applications.  Remember that we are all about accuracy, high speed, and top performing bullets as one unit. Our friend John Lazzeroni of Lazzeroni Arms (custom rifles)  once wrote a great article that spoke of what is the value of a top performing bullet if it is not accurate?  If you can not hit what you are shooting at  it does not matter how great the bullet performs when it hits (if it ever hits)? The fact is that no bullet can makeup for a bad shot. The responsibility remains with the shooter to pick the correct caliber, one with sufficient power to get the job done and to make a well placed shot. As humans it is our responsibility to get the job done quickly and humanely.

We agree fully with John.  We get customers on a regular basis that read about how a bullet expands perfectly in a water or a gelatin test and generally little is said about the accuracy of that same bullet.  As stated some bullet manufacturers list recommended speeds for their bullets for best performance too.  Others list recommended seating depths and several list exactly what game the bullet is intended for.  It is curios to us that some shooters use ‘target’ bullets that shoot well in their rifles as a hunting bullet!  We will never do that, even if you ask us too.

We at Arizona Ammunition, LLC. ® feel that each hunter  has a moral obligation to the game he/she seeks to use the best performing bullet possible that is intended for that type of game. The ammunition is to be as humane as possible. Knowing that belief, please do not ask us to do something we will have to tell you NO on. We once took some heat from shooters and organizations because when asked if we make armor piercing ammunition we responded that we do not.  When asked why the answer was easy and we responded that “there is no sporting applications for armor piercing bullets”. The fact that not a single state allows even full metal jacket, tracers, incendiary, armor piercing, or similar for hunting. Our focus is on hunting and target shooting. Many ranges in  the United States do not allow armor piercing, tracers, incendiary, or similar bullets to be fired there. We will work on bullets that make sense and have an application in the areas we work in. Hunting and target shooting.

We use bullets from around the world. We study the animal, body weight, vials locations, overall size, stamina, how dangerous, and more.  We talk and listen to our hunters on their experiences with various bullets too.  We talk to the bullet manufacturers about what they intended the bullet for.  One variation is of course our speed which changes the performance of the bullet and we monitor and study that all the time.  Many bullets perform very different at our higher speeds.  Generally much better.

As you look at our information here on our site and you do not see a favored bullet ask us about it.  There are several  reasons that we might not offer a specific bullet.  One might be that  we do not approved of them, that they do not perform as the manufacturer claims or meet our performance requirements.  They might cost more than other bullets of similar or better performance too. Another might be that they do not meet our accuracy requirements,  Or that we simply have not tested them yet. Finally, they may no longer be available.  Ask us! We will never use a bullet just because it is the latest “BUZZ” by the gun writers.  It must actually work!

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