Established in 1996 by James and Nancy Schmidt, with the help of McMillan Fiberglass Stocks (Kelly and Gale McMillian) and McBros Rifle Company (Rock McMillan), Arizona Ammunition, LLC.® provides valued, reliable service to thousands of shooters and hunters worldwide.  We have always focused on extreme accuracy, high speed, and top-performing fully benchrest prepared custom rifle ammunition and custom rifle services. Using only the finest components, accurate testing equipment, specialized loading equipment, and full benchrest loading techniques, we provide custom matching of custom ammunition to customer rifles for all applications, including hunting and competition; that includes selecting bullets for each application like dangerous game, short or long range target, predators, large game of all types, and all long range hunting applications. Arizona Ammunition became a leading authority in the 50 BMG ammunition world, with many different bullet offerings for “rifle specific” uses in the big 50.  In the new facilities, they will continue to offer rifle and use-specific custom benchrest prepared rifle ammunition that is carefully matched to each rifle.  We also make fully benchrest prepared custom cases, continue to offer their exclusive Acculube 10-X bullet coating, and still offer their custom loading service using customer specifications.  We also make NECO and TUBB barrel treatment loaded ammunition, pressure testing ammunition, some “over the counter” customer rifle matched ammunition, custom cleaning kits, 50 BMG priming tool, and many other customer services.  Arizona Ammunition will also continue to sponsor shooters and hunting and shooting events worldwide, and Jim expects to restart his series of professional rifle and ammunition seminars within the next year.

 At one time we had a 5,000 square foot facility and many people working for and with us. We have now reorganized and relocated our base of operations from Phoenix, Arizona to a new facility near Tucson, Arizona.  The new location on 40 acres  includes a brand new modern shop and on-site private testing range. Presently Jim is the only one providing all the services and tech support.  Jim reports that the quality of the work has increased and it was fantastic before.  He is spending more time on research and development, deeper testing, and a broader look at new products.  Expect the work to be slower too.

We tried being big and we just did not like it.  We were getting further away from you our customer.  When you do custom work a close relationship to the customer is required!


There have been several companies, websites, directories, and individuals who have been and are trying to deceive the shooting public by using our company name or some form of our name.  We have our name Federally Trademarked but, theses people try to use it anyway.  Be very cautious who you do business with.  We have not authorized anyone to use our name for any reason in any form.  We are actively pursuing these individuals, websites, and companies to stop them from using our registered name. Let us know if you come across someone using our name. Be careful and sure who you are doing business! 520-586-2582