At Arizona Ammunition, LLC.® we try to remain versatile for our customers with different offerings of loaded custom ammunition.  From time to time we get inquiries about blanks for rifles.  Blanks are just that-blank -meaning no projectile.  The brass case mouth is crimped closed and the cartridge has a reduced load so that all it does is go “bang”.  That is it!  This is still loaded 50 BMG rifle ammunition and will be dangerous if not used properly.  You must be careful with it at all times!

An IMPORTANT POINT– Our blanks will likely NOT function a semi-auto rifle or full auto firearm.  That takes a special loaded round for that purpose and often a block in the barrel to make the semi-auto or full auto function. WE DO NOT MAKE THAT TYPE LOADED 50 BMG blank loaded ammunition. 

Our Blanks are much shinier than this stock photo!

1. LOADED 50 BMG BLANK AMMUNITION- $6.00 each. (not available at this time)

You should also know that most blanks will cause your firearms to get much dirtier faster.  Surplus will be the worst.  We make all our blanks with modern clean burning gun powder.  The firearm will still get dirty quite fast!




Just have fun with your firearms!
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