In today’s shooting and hunting world we have books, magazines, seminars, video’s, television shows, DVD’s and more to read, watch or attend on our favorite part of shooting or hunting. All this can take more time than life has!  We have not looked at all the DVD or video’s, we have not attended all the seminars, we have not read all the books, and certainly we have not watched all the television shows on shooting and hunting.  Perhaps 10% of them would be safe to estimate.

There are a few we use in our daily work at Arizona Ammunition, LLC.® and can pass them along to you as a recommendation for you to acquire, attend, or watch.  Some we sell and others are best acquired from other sources.


Accurizing the Factory Rifle

by Mic McPherson

Soft cover-$44.95

This is a MUST HAVE book for any shooters library.  If you are not a”do it yourselfer” it will help you better understand the need for having professional work done to your firearm. If you are a “do it yourselfer” then it will give you pointers, tips, and instructions for doing much of the work yourself.

This book, including over 400 detailed photos, takes the reader through the steps of accurizing today’s bolt action rifles including; lapping the bolt lugs, squaring the receiver face, glass bedding, barrel crowning, pillar bedding, etc. This book is for the shooter who has some basic mechanical aptitude, not just for the experienced gunsmith. Even if you have no intention of doint the work yourself, this book gives you some good insight into the work you are hadning over to a gunsmith, and it will provide you with a basis for asking good questions of someone whose work you are unfamiliar with. Soft cover with 335 pages.

Metallic Cartridge Handloading-

by Mic McPherson

Soft Cover- $39.95

Mic McPherson has written one of those books you only see once every so many decades; it literally contains everything that you need to know about reloading a rifle or handgun cartridge from A through Z. McPherson’s credentials are very impressive (editor of various books on cartridges, consultant to Barnes Bullets, has authored hundreds of articles and reloaded a few hundred thousand rounds), but what makes him really impressive is this book. It covers all aspects of the reloading process: the cartridge case; maintaining, improving and loading the case; the seating and reading of primers; the loading of propellant; bullets and the loading of bullets; accurate load development; internal & external ballistics; bullet making & casting; and the handloading press. No book that we are aware of has ever explained so thoroughly and in this much detail (with hundreds of photos and drawings) how the process of reloading works, from an empty case to a fully loaded cartridge with bullet, powder, and primer properly in place to give maximum performance and accuracy. If you are serious about reloading your ammo and you want to get the most from it, you owe it to yourself to get this book.

This is not a reloading manual containing specific recipes for various loads; rather, it is a how-to book that covers the entire process of cartridge reloading, in detail, from start to finish

An unsolicited review for this fine book-


Have just finished reading your wonderful new book.Metallic Cartridge Handloading is the benchmark against which all subsequent books on this subject shall be judged. I loved everything about it, including your subtle sense of humor. The text read so easily and was so informative. I have been handloading for over 50 years now and there were lots of things you told us all that made me think, ‘I didn’t know that!’ I loved all the graphics that you used to illustrate important concepts. Your family pictures — your daddy, sons, and you — were most poignant. The color picture section was a great surprise — loved it. If I have not already made this perfectly clear, I loved this book! Hope it sells to beat the band; every handloader should own and study it.

Thanks again for all the love and care you put into this wonderful book.

Terry Murbach

Contributing Author for various gun magazines

Former Customer Service Representative for Cor-Bon



Fellow Handloaders,

Let me encourage you to get Mic McPherson’s new book, Metallic Cartridge Handloading. As one of the technical editors, I was amazed at how much excellent material and how many previously unpublished techniques Mic included in “only” about 500 full-sized pages. I have been reloading for 45 years and I have published three reloading manuals; nevertheless, I learned a LOT while reviewing Mic’s newest book. This is the most advanced handloading textbook I have ever seen.

As always, Mic documents everything and backs it up with personal testing. There is no guessing here. The illustrations are profuse and clearly show the issues Mic addresses and fixes. He covers the most current tooling available and you will know exactly what that tooling will do for you. I am pretty sure Mic’s discussions of these devices greatly exceeds the instructions that the toolmakers provide in the box.

As many of you know, reading Mic’s words is the same as sitting with Mic by the fire and chatting. “Impeccable English,” clear communication, and attention to detail are, to me, three great McPherson trademarks that continue in MCH.

If you want to wring the last bit of accuracy from your rifle and ammunition, you need this book.

Allan Jones

Ballistics Editor, Shooting Times Magazine

Retired Developer and Editor, Speer Reloading Manuals

Lewiston, ID


Living with the Big .50: The Shooter’s Guide to the World’s Most Powerful Rifle” Book by the late Robert Boatman- $24.95 in soft cover.  Autographed by Jim Schmidt of Arizona Ammunition, LLC. who is featured in one full chapter of this fine book.

The most powerful shoulder-fired rifle on the planet, the 50-cal. This a boon to competitive marksmen, hunters and police and military snipers alike, yet it is increasingly under attack by gun banners. Here you’ll discover the many dynamic uses of this powerhouse in all of its variations, plus get a thorough look at ammo and accessories.

AAbout the Author

The late Robert H. Boatman is a native Texan who has carried a gun since he was 14 years old, professionally and otherwise. He is a member of the elite corps of dropouts from St. John’s College in Annapolis and has had parallel careers as a national political strategist, VIP creative advertising executive, undercover cop, international publisher and editor, freelance journalist, and crusading newspaperman. He writes extensively for NRA, law enforcement and conservative political publications.

Product Information

By Robert H. Boatman. The 50 BMG is an amazing caliber, one that is gaining popularity with militaries and civilians alike. This book investigates the 50 caliber rifle in single shot, semi-automatic and fully automatic versions, as well as reviews the major manufacturers of each. 176 pages – Softcover.

Technical Information

Publisher:Paladin Press
Date of Publication:March 2004
Number of Pages:176

From the publisher:
The 50-caliber rifle is infinitely more powerful than any other shoulder-fired rifle on the planet. No matter how you measure energy or stopping power, the .50 BMG is well off the charts. In the hands of police and military snipers, it can reach out, over, through and into places and things no other rifle can come close to approaching. In the world of civilian shooters, a rapidly growing international group of competitive marksmen cover five-shot groups on targets 1,500 yards away with the palms of their hands. For hunters, it?s possible to kill a bull elk cleanly at more than 900 yards with the .50 BMG. 

Living with the Big .50 is the most thorough book ever written on this powerhouse rifle. Author the late Robert Boatman takes the reader out to the range and examines the single-shot, bolt-action, semiautomatic and full-auto variations of the rifle; advanced and specialized ammunition for military, police, competition and hunting applications; and recoil compensators, muzzle brakes, sound suppressors and other heavy-duty accessories. He then documents the words and wisdom of 13 of the biggest names in 50-caliber shooting today, including premier rifle builders Robbie Barrkman and Rock McMillan, expert ammunition maker Jim Schmidt, and renowned shooters the late Skip Talbot  and Max Joseph. 

Perhaps more than any other firearm, the Big .50 is under assault by gun banners who see no “legitimate purpose” for such a powerful rifle. Read this book and learn not only its many purposes but why it is vital that free citizens maintain the right to own one. 8 1/2 x 11, softcover, photos, 176 pp. ISBN 1-58160-440-8.

The late Robert H. Boatman is a native Texan who has carried a gun since he was 14 years old, professionally and otherwise. He has worked as a national political strategist, VIP bodyguard, creative advertising executive, undercover cop, international publisher and editor, freelance journalist and crusading newspaperman. His first book, Living with Glocks: The Complete Guide to the New Standard in Combat Handguns, is a best-seller for Paladin. He also writes extensively for NRA, law enforcement and conservative political publications. 




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