At Arizona Ammunition,LLC.® we take bullets very very seriously.  Whether target shooting, hunting or just plinking the projectile (bullet) it is crtical that the bullet perform correctly.  Today there are more bullet companies than ever before and each bullet marker has 3 to 10 or more different types.  There are;

1. Hollow Points

2. Full Metal Jackets

3. VLS’s

4. Polymer Tiped

5. Aluminum Tiped

6. Soft point

7. Spire Point

8. Solid Copper

9. Solid Brass (lead mixture)

10. Bonded

11. Partition

12. Flat Based

13. Boattail

14. Bore Rider

15. Extended range

16. Rebaited Boattail

17. Round Nose

18. A-Frame

19. Steel core



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