updated  11/11/2020

At Arizona Ammunition, LLC.® we shoot many of the popular brands.  With the aid of our customers we are able to get good feedback on the bullet performace on its intended targets like paper or animals or others materials.  Some bullet designs and the material they are made of have pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages.  We can only discuss our experences here and you may have a different exoperience to report.  Please keep all that in mind as you look through this section.

Presently we are working on this section.  Please keep checking for updates.

1. Barnes

2. Berger

3. Cutting Edge

4. Hornady

5. Lapua

6. Nosler

7. Swift

8. Sierra

9. Woodleigh

10. 10-X

11. Speer

12. Remington

13. Winchester

14. Berry’s

15. Rocky Mountain

If you do not see what you have a question on  please call us and ask!


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