ARIZONA AMMUNITION, LLC.® is pleased to offer you top quality Custom Cleaning Kit.  It includes top quality cleaning supplies and equipment with the  understanding that you want the best. We pride ourselves in only offering top quality equipment and supplies that we have actually tested and used ourselves. Any and all items offered here have been used by us on the job in its intended use. We follow the manufactures recommended procedures and test the product. We do not accept products free in an attempt to influence us. We do accept products and equipment free for testing and we either return it or pay for it if we like it. Therefore we feel we are not influenced by the freebies often offered to gain influence. We are only influenced by what works and is the best! We look for value and not cheap. We like bargains as you do but, know that very often you get what you pay for. If you are looking for bargains stop here because we doubt that you will like our prices. You will like our quality and how complete and  though this great Custom Cleaning kit just is.




$299.00 (plus shipping)


The following is the list of amazing accessory items in our Professional Small Caliber Cleaning Kit. We only use top quality supplies and equipment in our cleaning kits. All of the items shown here are the exact same items we use in our shop. All are shop tested and proven. It is the most complete cleaning kit offered by anyone.

  1. One Boretech one piece coated cleaning rod, adapter, and jag.-Provided caliber specific.
  2. One Boretech Bore Guide-caliber specific.
  3. One bottle of Premium Gun Oil- IOSSO, Boretech or Rem-oil.
  4. One bottle of Sweets 7.62 Solvent (200mL), Barnes Copper remover, or Boretech Copper remover.
  5. One cloth cleaning towel.
  6. One bottle of Medium Strength (blue) Thread Lock
  7. One bag of steel wool- fine.
  8. One 2x4x Magnifying glass.
  9. One bag of small Q-tips- about 50
  10. One package of Ever-Clear Lens Wipe.
  11. One tube of IOSSO Bore Cleaner
  12. One bag of rubber bands- about 10
  13. Extra baggies-5 for parts
  14. One bag of caliber specific cleaning patches – 100 each.
  15. One bag of replacement cleaning swabs inserts for the chamber cleaning tool.
  16. One bottle of 70% Alcohol
  17. One bottle of Bore Tech Eliminator.
  18. One bottle of Wipe N Clean lens cleaner – LOOK AT ALL THE GOODIES!
  19. One tube of Boretech gun grease.
  20. One roll of electrical tape
  21. One spray bottle of Parts Cleaner- 14.5 oz-
  22. One plastic bowl
  23. One package of clear plastic wrap-
  24. One Cleaning Instructions booklet from ARIZONA AMMUNITION, LLC.®
  25. One screw driver set-all types of bits
  26. One set of Allen wrenches
  27. One bag of extra large Q tips- 10
  28. 11 bronze brushes of all sizes
  29. 12 brass jags of all sizes
  30. 4 slotted tip jags
  31. 4 cleaning picks
  32. Utility brush
  33. Nylon gun Brush
  34. 3 piece Cleaning Ron-22 cal.
  35. 3 piece Cleaning Rod-37 to 45 cal
  36. 10 Shooters swabs
  37. Action/chamber cleaning tool set
  38. 50 Cleaning Patches for 22 to 270 cal.
  39. 50 Cleaning patches for 270 to 35 cal.
  40. 50 cleaning patches for 35 to 50 cal.
  41. 50 Cleaning patches for 10, 12, and 16 gauge.