Arizona Ammunition, LLC. has offered this great 50 BMG Priming Tool for 23 years now.  It has been made by the same machine shop to our exact specifications for at least the past 15 years so they have it down tight for us.  It is all stainless steel with top quality locking die rings to hold the adjustments firmly.  Once set it does not move! This great 50 BMG Priming Tool can be minutely adjusted to the finest setting for the primer seating depth with great ease.  It is really fool proof.  It is incredibility easy to set and then use.

The Arizona Ammunition, LLC. Priming Tool is designed to be used in any press that uses the 1 1/2 inch die. It works great in the RCBS or Hornady 50 BMG press.   It simply screws into the top of the press like your sizing or seating die.  The existing press piston is pushed up against the bottom of the Priming Tool plunger and the primer is quickly seated exactly the same each time.  Easy peasy!

It only comes with a FLAT primer seating plunger primarily designed for 50 BMG rifles.  This design is to allow the domed 50 BMG primer to be flattened in a “presetting” procedure for better performance in rifles. The primer is flattened into the brass case primer pocket at any desired seating depth you need. The domed primer is primarily for machine guns with a far more powerful firing pin strike than a rifle has. By flattening the domed primer it makes it far more “sensitive” to the rifle firing pin strike thus giving much better consistent performance.

The Priming Tool comes preset at 5 thousands to start (or anyway you specify).  Many top competitors set the primer seating depth at from 10 thousands to over 20 thousands.  Testing your loaded ammunition on the range will tell you what the best seating depth for your rifle and ammunition formula is.

The Arizona Ammunition, LLC. Priming Tool works well in any of these popular 50 BMG presses. Don’t see your press? Call us and ask!

$225.00 plus shipping

The priming tool is ready to use the day you get it!  It is all setup for an RCBS or Hornady 50 BMG Press.

The Arizona Ammunition, LLC. Priming Tool works with ALL popular 50 BMG primers!