ARIZONA AMMUNITION, LLC.® offers you the best in custom 50 BMG rifle services and hand made custom ammunition; The finest custom “tuned” ammunition for your 50 BMG rifle for your specific use that you can find any where.

With the very high cost of a quality 50 BMG rifle, do you really want to trust your life and the life of your rifle to one size fits all inexpensive ammunition?  Is 20 year old foreign surplus ammunition what you really want to shoot in your expensive 50 BMG rifle? Do you really want to spend $5,000 for loading equipment and supplies? We build ammunition for nearly every popular well made 50 BMG rifle made today. We build the highest quality 50 BMG ammunition the world. From plinking, hunting, or hard core competition, we can meet your custom ammunition needs. We have helped many 50 BMG competitive shooters get their start too.  We are here to help!

Our service has a focus on higher speeds and extreme accuracy.  We use top quality and fully inspected brass cases, top quality bullets, powder, and primers.  All ammunition offered is hand made, powder hand weighed, primers hand set, and bullets hand seated.  Look for better and you will not find it!  Click on any of these topics for more details!


  • Hand weighed powder charges. Within 1/10 of a grain on each one! We use the best scales in the business
  • Neck straightened on each case
  • Special custom low drag case chamfering
  • Highest quality premium bullets selected for your specific use (we test as many new bullets as possible too!
  • New cases with a high polish (brass) Ask about our custom colors too!
  • Match Primers-generally CCI and RWS on special request
  • Primers can be sealed against water and solvents (optional at no extra charge)
  • Cases resized to insure all is straight and perfect
  • Cases trimmed to length for uniformity
  • Flashholes deburred
  • Primer Pocket depth recut and squared- competition grade only bullets are checked for trueness on our special custom run out machine (brands and lots are spot checked)
  • Loaded ammunition is checked for runout/straightness (random testing)
  • Bullets are ACCULUBE 10X coated. This is our custom exclusive very high tech aerospace coating
  • Ammunition is field tested for accuracy–rifle specific
  • We meet or exceed all voluntary industry/SAMMI specifications
  • Packaged in cardboard or custom hard plastic boxes with all performance data  included and customers name on each box


  • Complete rifle inspection-Detailed written evaluation provided on;
  • Bolt face, bedding, chamber, crown, trigger, barrel, stock, sights, and firing pin-everything!
  • Bullet seating depth set specifically to each rifle for accuracy
  • Primer, powder, and bullet matched to each rifle and planned use
  • Ballistics data provided for each rifle and kept on file for each customer
  • All rifles are fired on the range/data recorded and filed.

When we find a better load for your style rifle, the upgrade is FREE!

ARIZONA AMMUNITION, LLC.® is a leader in development and manufacturing of “benchrest” quality 50 BMG ammunition through-out the world. Those seeking extremely high quality 50 BMG rifle ammunition have found that Arizona Ammunition,  LLC.® has and can meet their individual needs. Whether it’s for tactical, hunting, competition, or just plinking we have high quality new custom ammunition for it.  

All ammunition manufactured by ARIZONA AMMUNITION, LLC.® is hand made and custom tailored to each individual rifle. We do not use “book loads” cheap powder, junk brass, or “one size fits all” methods. We are not reloader’s either!  

Presently we work directly with the following fine manufacturers in our ammunition development tests. Our ammunition will shoot in a wide variety of other rifles too, call and ask…

  1. L.A.R. Grizzly

– Accuracy Chamber
– Field Chamber

  2. McBros – Single Shot
– Repeater
– Tactical


– Single Shot
– Repeater
– Tactical
  4. Barrett – Model 95 bolt action
– 82A1 Semi Auto
– Model 99 single shot
  5. AMAC – Single Shot
  6. Armalite – Single Shot
  7. Serbu – Single Shot



Accuracy International

– Repeater/Tactical




Bolt Action

Some of our custom 50 BMG rifle ammunition will work in a number of other types of rifles not listed here.  Please call to discuss and get clarification.  We want the safest and most accurate for your rifle. Due to the poor quality construction of some 50 BMG rifles, we will ask what rifle you plan to use our ammunition in and we may refuse to sell it to you.


ARIZONA AMMUNITION, LLC.® focuses on accuracy, high speed, and top performing bullets. All of the ammunition is test fired repeatedly in the intended rifles types and manufacturers.  Bullets, powder, primers, neck tension, bullet coatings, cases (brass) are always under test all the time. The search for accuracy and speed never ends. Testing is often daily and  year round!

At ARIZONA AMMUNITION, LLC.® all ammunition is hand made, individually weighed, checked for bullet for run out, and much more. There is no need for customers to order “lots” of specific ammunition because it is all hand made, therefore is it basically exactly the same each time.


Shooters that seek extreme accuracy, high speed, and top bullet performance use our  ammunition to meet that need. We use only the best components in building our ammunition. It is all made rifle specific for maximum performance too.  A key to our success is being a leader in coated bullets. Shooters and ARIZONA AMMUNITION, LLC.® have found that coated bullets work best in most rifles and particularly in the 50 BMG. Shooters experienced dramatically reduced fouling, better barrel life, and maintain accuracy as they fire more rounds. We are approved by NECO for their moly coating and have two other revolutionary coatings for bullets. NP-3 is used in extreme fouling cases on bronze bullets and ACCULUBE 10X is used on most all available bullets.  ACCULUBE 10X has proven to reduce fouling, has no build up in the barrel, shoots cooler, shoots cleaner, and has proven to be very accurate.  

Our competition grade and high quality hunting ammunition has the following features:

  1. New quality cases-generally MagTech or  you can order RWS new cases on special request and they cost more
  2. All necks are turned for concentricity (does not include economy ammunition).
  3. Special custom low drag chamfer for better bullet release-and ARIZONA AMMUNITION, LLC.® exclusive!
  4. Primer pockets squared and recut for uniformity
  5. Flash hole is deburred for an even flash
  6. Re-size the case and straighten the neck
  7. Clean case to a high polish
  8. Trim to a uniform length


Not all rifles are created equal and none are made exactly the same. We have found that all shoot different, even from the same manufacturers. The best ammunition will be that which is “tuned” specifically for your rifle.  PLEASE CONSIDER SENDING US THE RIFLE FOR THIS SERVICE.

VELOCITY: Depends on barrel length, chamber de-sign, tightness of the bore, how clean it is, and a few other factors. A 30 inch barrel shoots slower than a 36 inch barrel (average of 40 fps per inch). Bullet weight and the material the bullet is made of also plays a big role in this. Ours varies from 2,650 fps to 3,225 fps depending on the bullet and rifle. Generally our ammunition shoots faster than our competitors and as accurate as possible!

ACCURACY: Every rifle and every shooter is different. The ammunition we provide will likely shoot better than the shooter or the rifle can. Factors in accuracy are the rest system, scope, rings, trigger pull, shooters ability, outdoor elements, and more. Our goal is a one hole group at 1,000 yards! We build ammunition to shoot that accurate!  

Our quality ammunition can not makeup for a poor shooter, dirty rifle, poor quality rifle, cheap optics, mechanical issues or other similar issues. WE DO NOT WARRANTY ANY AMMUNITION USED IN ANY RIFLE THAT DOES NOT USE A QUALITY SCOPE and MOUNTING SYSTEM-


Rings & Mounts:

  1. Badger Ordinance
  2. Leopold Mark 4
  3. MWG
  4. or factory provided system that we have inspected and tested.


  1. Leopold Mark 4 series
  2. Night Force- Any series

Despite claims by manufactures or sales personnel, we have not found any other optics or mounting equipment that will hold up to the shock of the 50 BMG rifle. We are testing all the time though!

Did you know that using non-coated bullets will foul the rifle in 10 shots or less and directly effect accuracy?? Twice the cleaning time too!


Shooters frequently ask for “soft nose” or expanding bullets for 50 BMG’s. Many states require an “EXPANDING” bullet for hunting. They mean nonmilitary.  There are a few “soft nose” bullets on the market, but meet Arizona Ammunition, LLC’s.® accuracy requirements.

Presently only these bullets meet all of our requirements for hunting.

  • Hornady A-MAX- 750 grain and has an aluminum tip, lead core, and copper jacket. It is a very quality bullet that comes apart quickly upon impact. Accurate to 2,500 yards!
  • Hunting soft nose– 570 grain and is a heavy copper jacketed lead core bullet with extreme accuracy, has high velocity, and top impact performance. Very accurate to 600 yards!
  • Hunting protected point- 570 grain and is a heavy copper jacketed lead core bullet with the jacket wrapped nearly to the very tip of the bullet. Provides deep penetration and then mushrooming. It is extremely accurate, high velocity, and top impact performance. Accurate to 600 yards!
  • Hunting full metal jacket- 570 grain and is a steel/lead alloy jacketed lead core full coverage bullet . Provides deep penetration of up to 8 feet! Hits  incredibly hard!  It is extremely accurate, high velocity, and top impact performance. Accurate to 600 yards!
  • Barnes-X- 600 grain and is a full copper bullet developed exclusively for L.A.R. by Arizona Ammunition. It has top speed, performs like a standard “X” bullet, and is very accurate!!
  • Cutting Edge Technologies Bullets- These are a very exclusively all copper designed bullets made on a top quality CNC machine!  The consistency is amazing too! We are testing them now and will be offering them very soon.

We are testing new hunting and accuracy bullets all the time.  We will update this section as we add new bullets


ARIZONA AMMUNITION, LLC.® is a leader in the development and manufacturing of high performance and long range tactical ammunition used by law enforcement and the military through out the world. CALL US FOR WHAT DO WE OFFER AND HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?

-Special applications are normal work for us!

NOTE! ARIZONA AMMUNITION, LLC.® only sells products that we have actually field tested many times to insure that it works as reported. While good in one sense, it does limit the product availably until tested. We have several top quality test rifles in inventory for our on range testing.


  • 800 grain Barnes borerider bullet (requires special chamber) in a new MagTech fully benchrest prepared case with ACCULUBE 10X bullet coating. In all cases the rifle must be sent to us for accuracy testing– No exceptions.  The chamber is very special and there is no real good way to match the loaded ammunition to the chamber and have good accuracy. The Barnes 800 grain Bore Rider bullet has been the most winning bullet in 1,000 yard competition! Ever!
  • 700 grain Barnes borerider bullet (requires special chamber) in a new MagTech fully benchrest prepared case with ACCULUBE 10X bullet coating. In all cases the rifle must be sent to us for accuracy testing– No exceptions.  The chamber is very special and there is no real good way to match the loaded ammunition to the chamber and have good accuracy. The Barnes 700 grain Bore Rider bullet has not been proven to shoot with the extreme accuracy the 800 grain bore rider has. It does have less recoil and is fairly accurate though.

Note that Barnes now offers more varieties of solid bullets and we will be testing them and providing results here.

  • New Ten-X custom bullet- All bronze turned bullet we are testig now.
  • 750 grain Hornady A-MAX bullet in either a new MagTech fully benchrest prepared case with ACCULUBE 10X bullet coating. Or a once fired fully inspected and benchrest prepared PMC or Lake  City brass case. This projectile will shoot very good and has won some 1,000 yard matches.

Note that Hornady is offering other bullet weights in this caliber and we will be testing them and providing results here.

  • Cutting Edge Technologies Custom Bullets– These are high quality all copper bullets in a borerider design.  They offer both borerider and non borerider styles. They are made on a high quality CNC machine and the consistency is amazing!  We are testing them now.

There are many other bullets and cases available upon request. We also use bullets made of steel, solid copper, copper jacketed, and more. Many require sending in the rifle for test firing.


We make a number of “special use” type of ammunition.  Some are simple and others are complex for very special applications.  The “over the counter” rounds are;

  • Blanks.  These will not function a semi-auto rifle.
  • “Drill” rounds for schools, training, movies, reenactments displays and more. These are non firing demonstration and presentation rounds.
  • Key chain round for show and tell and novelty.  It is a highly polished round without a primer or power.  Looks great!
  • Ink pin round to help you in your work! Great gift too! Real 50 BMG round that you write with!
  • David Tubb Final Finish barrel conditioning kits.  This is loaded ammunition
  • NECO Pressure/Firelapping barrel treatment kits. This is loaded ammunition.
  • Armor Piercing, Incendiary, or tracer rounds are only available to federally approved buyers.  Generally Law Enforcement and military. We do not make them for the general public as they have no sporting applications.  Nearly 100% of public shooting ranges in the United States do not allow these projectiles to be fired on their ranges.
  • Frangible bullets- We have acquired several brands of frangible bullets and will be testing them and will report results here.
  • Sabot- We no longer offer a 50 BMG Sabot round.  We have found they unreliable and very barrel fouling with plastic from the sabot.  We also found that that the sabot cannot be fired with the muzzle brake installed or in a suppressor. If the sabot situation changes we will research and test them again.


  • M33 Ball bullet-Very popular and highly accurate for a ball round, this ammunition uses a FMJ M33 military ball bullet (mild steel core) ACCULUBE 10X coated in once fired fully inspected recent issue military cases that have been sized, trimmed to length, military crimp removed from the primer pocket, had the special exclusive low drag chamfer put on the case mouth, and fully inspected.  They have a high polish on them and they look and shoot great! They are not approved for hunting in all 50 states though.

The M33 bullet can not be used for hunting due to the mild steel core it has. These are not armor piercing though. They shoot about 200 feet per second slower than the competition round. Average accuracy in most rifles due solely to the M33 bullet. This is an excellent “plinking” round. Note that this projectile will not pass the magnetic test at shooting ranges.  Most shooting ranges in the United States do not allow steel bullets so check your local rules. We make it here. This lower cost ball round is made here and each round is hand weighted.

  • New TCCI ball style bullet- This is a solid bronze bullet that we are testing. Results will be shown here.




Cases (brass) are high quality new units or once fired recent issue military .  We guarantee each one to perform!

What about PRE-PRIMED!! Generally we do not provide loaded ammunition in preprimed brass cases.  However we will on special request situations.

We now offer the outstanding Hornady A-MAX, and more ACCULUBE 10X coating that top quality bullets for performance eliminates fouling and reduces and accuracy! cleaning time by over 50%!

  • Necks are inspected for uniformity and turned on the competition and hunting round.
  • Flash hole is deburred inside case
  • Primer pocket is recut and checked on the competition and hunting rounds
  • All cases are cleaned and polished to a very high shine!
  • Cases are trimmed to length
  • Bullets and necks are tested for “runout” to insure straightness and improve accuracy
  • We use a special “low drag” inside chamfer system exclusive to our company to insure that the bullet and the coating is not damaged on bullet release- THIS IS OUR EXCLUSIVE!!



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