updated 08-05-2023

At Arizona Ammunition, LLC.® we pride ourselves with the accuracy, speed, and performance of our ammunition.  This is not an idle claim either.  We are always researching better ways to build our ammunition;  better bullets, better components, and better processes.  To us accuracy is a passion and is a relative term; that is it is directly related to the quality of the rifle and optics being used and all the components used for the ammunition.

Accuracy in a rifle is the combination of many factors;  bedding, trigger pull, barrel vibrations, optic’s, and the optic’s mounting system.  Of course the skill of the shooter is a huge factor. Another accuracy factor is the shooting rest system.  A rolled up hunting jacket in the hood of a truck is not what we consider a good rest system for testing. We use the best of everything.  A quality rest system and a complete rifle inspection to insure that the  rifle can even shoot accurately in its current condition and much more.

We know that nearly any rifle will shoot fairly accurate with SLOW ammunition. We focus on high speed and accuracy.  A tough combination!  

HIGH SPEED-  We take your rifle and push it as hard as we can to achieve the highest possible speed and excellent accuracy.  Some rifle configurations just can not shoot at high speeds though.  For example a 22-250 made with a 1 in 10 twist barrel will shoot slow!  It should have a 1 in 12, 1 in 13, or 1 in 14 twist barrel to even have a chance of shooting fast.  Barrel length directly effects speed too.  A 20 inch barrel will seldom shoot and fast as a 26 in barrel! If the rifle has the correct configuration we then push it as hard as we can. How fast will your rifle go? We hope 200 to 300 feet faster than factory ammunition but we can not tell for sure until we shoot it.

ACCURACY GUARANTEE-   Short range or long range; it does not matter! There are so many accuracy guarantees out there today it keeps our head spinning.  Over the years we have seen the various rifle manufacturers change, drop, and otherwise not even mention performance guarantees for their rifle. With some manufacturers we are working with a handicap too.  The rifles are poorly made, cheap barrels, poor triggers, or stocks and so on.  It can be a real challenge! There are some rifles we do not accept too.

Our extreme accuracy guarantee is directly related to the speed too.  Slow and accurate is not part of our deal! 1 1/2 inches at 100 yards is not either.  We shoot a 3 shot group for our accuracy testing.  Why?  We have found that the fourth and fifth shoots in hunting rifles can very often skew the results. The thinner barrels of  hunting rifles can heat up very quickly and heat does directly effect the performance of the barrel and accuracy.  We monitor the barrels temperature with a digital thermometer so we see the effects directly on each rifle.  Thus we shoot 3 shot groups for accuracy.

SMALL CALIBER RIFLES (less than 50 BMG) At Arizona Ammunition, LLC.® we guarantee that we will get your rifle(s) to shoot less than one (1) inch 3 shot groups at 100 yards with the highest speed possible and a quality bullet provided that you have followed all of our recommendations for the rifle and the ammunition to be used. That your rifle(s) will maintain that group consistency throughout the life of of your rifle(s) while exclusively using our ammunition made for that rifle(s). Proper cleaning and regular maintenance is required for this guarantee.

In the event that you can not achieve the same groups  (or you are not satisfied) that we show on our paper work we will retest the rifle(s). In the event that we again achieve the same speed and accuracy with that rifle(s) that we stated in the report sent to you, you will be charged for our time, material, and the return shipping for each rifle (see price list).  We will provide proof of our testing for you.  If we find that there is an issue with the accuracy or speed we will correct the problem(s), replace the ammunition (if necessary) and provide you with a full report on what was done at no charge to you.

50 BMG RIFLES-  The 50 BMG rifle is a real challenge.  The performance of the 50 BMG rifle can and generally is different from rifle to rifle.  Chambers can vary quite a bit, there are machine gun mil-spec chambers, bore-ryder chambers, FCSA accuracy chambers, and at least 4 other types of chambers that can come in a big 50. Bullet design can vary greatly too.  There are copper jacketed lead core bullets, copper jacketed steel core, solid bronze, solid copper, and more type of bullets and really affect accuracy.  With the size of the bullet used in the big 50 BMG the distance traveled before the large bullet “goes to sleep”  and achieves its best accuracy can vary and is at least 300 yards in most cases.

The longer testing distance has it own inherent problems with showing the true accuracy of the rifle being tested.  The optics and the ability to see the target clearly for extreme accuracy shooting is harder. 

For the big 50 BMG rifle our accuracy and performance guarantee is that we will push the rifle to it limits in top speed with the selected bullet(s) and maintain at least a 1 1/2 inch group at 300 yards or tell you why it can not achieve that group size. 

If you have any questions about this guarantee please ask!



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