THE OLD DAYS– Back in 1998 or so (thats 17 years ago) we started working with The OUTDOORSMANS (Floyd Green) McBros Rifle Company (Rock McMillan and Don Haggerman) and Julius Fortuna on thier combined idea of the fastest rifle on the planet!  It was a dream and was to have a great strong and easy to use non-control feed action from Rock McMillan’s brain, and special custom chamber from Don Haggerman’s design, a special look and feel from Floyd Greens experence, the fastest ammunition from Julius Fortunas long range hunting experience.

Well after a great deal of testing this project came together in about one year.

The rifle had the strength in the McMillan custom action, the accuracy in the custom chamber and Lilja fluted barrel, the vision of the powerful 6 to 24 power Swarovski scope and Talley rings, VIAS muzzle brake, the great feel of a McMillan stock, and the ease to use with the Jewel trigger. We at Arizona Ammunition added the fastest ammunition on the planet!  With the combined help  of Julius Fortune, Barnes Bullets, a little help from John Lazzeroni, and ROBAR coatings we developed the fastest 30 caliber ammunition in the world.  Ammunition that sent a 150 grain Barnes-X specially coated bullet 4,000 fps with extreme accuracy!

This amazing combination gave shooters a whole new ability for pursuing and taking game.  We do not know how many rifles were built and sold by the OUTDOORSMANS and McBros in the years to follow.  We know we made thousands of custom rounds of ammunition for these amazing rifles.  Hunters amazed all of us in the field by taking all sizes of game including elk, mule deer, white tail, antelope, and more at the longest ranges they have ever fired.  All with ONE Shot!  Julius Fortuna called it a “Blown Top Fuel Dragster” in a rifle!

The famous and great Gael McMillan told us we were all crazy to try and push a bullet that fast.  That a 30 caliber rifle could not have a slow twist and still stabilize.  He made his doubts very clear and firm! We took it as a challenge from this expert rifle builder. Gale smiled!

Well after a great deal of test and several modifications we made it work!  Yes we got 4,000 fps with extreme accuracy! The OUTDOORSMANS and McBros showed and told the world!

Very quickly this rifle caught on and attempted copies were offered by others on the market. Shooters were lead to believe incorrectly that it was all in the ammunition and it was not in anyway.  It was a package that all those mentioned contributed too. Many gunsmiths attempted to produce this rifle after it got so much media attention and demands were so high.  Over a short time the high quality Swarovski 6 to 24 power scope began to fail and returns started pouring it.  Swarovski rose to the occasion and took all of them back with no fuss and figured out what to do quickly.  They fixed the problem and were back in the field very quickly at no cost to the users. We trust them to this very day because of that action and attitude.

For the next 12 years people tried to copy the success of this amazing rifle and its ammunition.  They did not. So claims started that you did not need the speed to shoot at longer ranges with the new “Ballistic Turrets” and more updated optics.  They said “why put up with the recoil and noise when a 7 mag will do the job just as well?  They told the shooter they needed heavier bullets to “buck the wind” and even larger calibers like the 338 Lapua to shoot at long distance. They did this because they could not figure out how to compete with this amazing rifle and caliber. Used OUTDOORSMANS rifles started showing up on gun shops shelves.

In the 2000’s the sales effort slowed as personnel and interests changed. None of the attempted copies were successful and in a seemingly  revengeful action some gunsmiths began try and discredit the success of the rifle and caliber.  The OUTDOORSMANS super fast rifle and our ammunition continued to take down all sizes of game at all distances out to 1,000 yards with one shot!  Then in 2010 or so a new effort to bring the rifle back was started by Arizona Ammunition, LLC.® and Julius Fortuna.


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