Arizona Ammunition, LLC.® has been an active participant and sponsor since the company founding in 1996. This prestigious event, hosted by the Fifty Caliber Shooter’s Association (FCSA) draws competitors from all over the World every year to the NRA Whittington Center in Raton, New Mexico each 4th of July weekend.  The event averages from 100 to as many as 150 50 BMG rifle shooters shooting 1,000 yards.

The event is open to all competitors with a 50 BMG approved rifle.  There are many different classes, competitions, events, and is open to all ages, nationalities, and spectators.  The event draws men, women, juniors, disabled, seniors, and more for an incredible weekend of fun, extreme sportsmanship, and hard core competition each year.  Shooters are not required to have ever competed in an event prior to coming to the FCSA World Championships.

The Raton, New Mexico area is known for its history, scenery, freindlyless, and milder summer temperatures.  It is considered the high desert with open rolling green pastures surrounded by rugged mountains and can get snow in the winter.  There is an abundance of affordable places to stay and the shooting range, the NRA Whittington Center, is just a short drive from Raton.  The NRA’s flagship shooting complex, Whittington Center, offers every conceivable range for a host of shooting disciplines. It also hosts an array of wildlife in their natural habitat and are clearly visible during shooting matches.  The area contains deer, elk, bear, antelope, coyotes, fox, and similar medium and large size wild animals.  There is a large contingent smaller animals like squirrels, prairie dogs, raccoons, and more.  It is not uncommon to have antelope grazing on the 1,000 yard range during live fire!

Arizona Ammunition, LLC.® totally supports this event and all other FCSA events throughout the United States.  At the World Championships each year we help the event in any requested way, display merchandise, sponsor shooters, and provide the copyrighted Arizona Ammunition, LLC.® World Championship Trophy Buckle to the overall winner each year.  That winner is consider the World Champion 50 BMG Shooter for  that specific year.

Our copyrighted Arizona Ammunition, LLC.® FCSA World Championship Trophy  Buckle.

If you own a big 50 BMG or just love long range shooting you should be a member of the Fifity Caliber Shooters Association. (FCSA)  Join today. for the FCSA site.


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