At Arizona Ammunition,LLC.® we try to look at all new products including the now more popular frangible bullets.  Actually frangible bullets have been available for a long time but are enjoying a new popularity.  The intent of the frangible bullet it to minimize the danger and maximize the safety of firing a bullet in a populated area (generally).  Law enforcement has perhaps the largest application for frangible bullets for the safety of the public and private property when using in populated areas.  Even today, as in the past, there are very limited calibers and bullets weights available but, there are more than in the recent past.

The frangible bullet design can vary and care must be taken when selecting for each application too. Simply put;  all frangible bullets do not perform the same.  The goal of the frangible bullet is to strike the target, penetrate, and injure or kill the target and either not exit at all or pass through and stop with minimal damage to the backstop material. It should not ricochet or deflect either.

We inquiries on frangible bullets on a regular basis for different applications too.  Most are for hunting since there are companies that make law enforcement application frangible loaded ammunition now.  However loaded rifle ammunition for Hunting purposes is nearly impossible to get.  Part of the reason is that frangible bullets are not intended for long range shooting of say over 100 yards.  Additionally the frangible bullet can not be fired at high speeds either.  They tend to come a part before they hit the intended target.  At slower speeds they will not have the same damage power as a projectile at much higher speeds often needed for hunting.


Presently we do not offer any totally “Over the Counter” frangible bullets in loaded rifle ammunition.  However we will load and test franigle rifle ammunition in your rifle.  Our Basic Package of $390.00 (2014-15) will apply for the testing.  Loaded rifle ammunition will vary according to the coat of the frangible bullet.  This WILL include the 50 BMG too- Call for more details-

BARNES VARMINT GRENADE- This is not a true frangible bullet but it is close.  It is excellent for varmint hunting but NOT big game.  It can be fired at high speed too. We are working  with it now and can set it up for your rifle under our Basic Tuning Package of $390.00. The cost of ammunition is seperate.  See the details on our Packages Page.