At Arizona Ammunition, LLC.® we are very proud of the thousands of hunters we have helped to get the right ammunition and equipemnt for their great hunt(s).  They have shared their success stories and pictures with us so we can proudly show you.  Look them over closely and notice all the smiling faces.  Your smiling face should be shown here too!  Join them now!

 600lb 57”kudu one shot in his tracks dead 150ox 3600fps Blue wilbdebeest with the Outdoorsman gen 2 30-378wby

500 pound Oryx taken with 180 grain Woodleigh at 3,500 ft per second with a Lung shot.  He walked 40 feet and fell dead.

Julius Fortuna’s Blue Wildebeest shot with the second custom Donnie Outdoorsman 30-378 Wby prior to the RT actions your 150gr OXs . One shot dropped so fast the prohunter said he never seen mature bull wildebeest shoulder lung shot drop in his track (not spine).


350lbs red hartebeest one shot 180 woodleighs 3500fps

Older 150gr OX group 1.3” 300yards with the Outdoorsman 30-378 

Two warthogs shot with the Outdoorsman 30-378 150gr OX at 3660 instant death

Results showed clearly when a big game animal gets hit with a 150 TTSX at 3500fps (350yrds).  Bullet entrance and exit spraying blood 15foot 

BC caribou 30-378wby outdoorsman one shot death 150gr OX 3660

Dom with his laz warbird that you loaded while I owned it for over 500 rounds it loved the 180 woodleighs more than anything .250 all day at 100 yrds  you now have the exact same rifle in the shop as well.  

Russ Cook with the second big game animal shot with the AA ULTRAVEL4200 He one shot this top US trophy at 350 yards with your load barnes 150 TTSX at 3805.  Guided by Todd Wright Guides 

First big game animal with 30-378wby with 150OX bullets at 3660fps Canadian moose hit under the chin at 80 yards bullet recovered in hide off the left ham!  Penetrated straight line over 6 feet of flesh and bones and still weighted 147grs and expanded 2x the cal! 

Julius Fortuna of Las Vegas with his Lion

Dom Lopano of Phoenix 36” kiabab muledeer buck one shot with his laz warbird with your 180woodleighs at 3550fps

The Siberts in a very successful culling hunt in Africa in 2013.  70 Animals taken with a 257 Wby Mag. with 100 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip ammunition made by Arizona Ammunition, LLC.®

Bryan Fife of Las Vegas with his Rocky Mountain Sheep taken with a new Arizona Ammunition, LLC.® 30-378 Wby. Mag. ULTRA-VEL


Jeff Truax of Texas with his Stone Sheep taken in Alaska in 2014 with his new Arizona Ammunition, LLC.® 30-378 Wby. Mag. ULTRA-VEL light weight rifle. The shot was 425 yards with a 130 caliber Barnes TTSX ACCULUBE 10-X coated traveling 4,150 per second!


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