SPECIALLY MADE COMPETITION QUALITY LOADED 50 BMG AMMUNITION FOR THE L.A.R. GRIZZLY RIFLE! No one makes loaded custom rifle ammunition like we do!  No one!

At Arizona Ammunition, LLC.® we are primarily a custom ammunition shop fitting/tuning ammunition to specific rifles but we do offer a little bit of “generic” one size fits a specific brand of rifle.  This is NOT surplus.  We have tested this specific rifle(s) and determined the correct specifications required to make this loaded ammunition the most effect and accurate. You will find the powder charge, brand of powder, and overall length will vary from brand of rifle to brand of rifle.  Each chamber will be a little bit different. The construction of this custom 50 BMG rifle ammunition is done 100% here though.  In most cases the manufacture has loaned us one or more of their 50 BMG rifles to test and develop accuracy rounds for it. How do we do it?

1. We generally use once fired brass case preliminary PMC or Lake City that has a late headstamp date on it. On request we can use new 50 BMG brass cases of WCC, CBC, RWS, Hornady and others but the cost will go up at least $1.00 per loaded round.
2. The brass case goes through complete recycle processing.  When we finish with it it is NOT the same as it was in the beginning.
3. We trim the brass case.
4. We resize the brass case.
5. We chamfer the case mouth inside and out with a special low drag chamfer exclusive to Arizona Ammunition, LLC.® 
6. We recut the primer pocket to the correct depth
7. We chamfer the primer pocket hole.
8. We debur the flash hole.
9. We totally clean the brass case inside and out- it looks like brand new
10. We polish the brass case to a very high mirror like shine.
11. We inspect the brass case inside and out to find any damage or inconsistencies in the brass case.
12. We use a quality 750 grain Hornady lead core bullet with am aluminum tip that have been cleaned and polished and inspected.
13. The apply our special ACCULUBE 10-X to the surface of the bullet.  Click here for more information on our ACCULUBE 10-X bullet coating.
14. We use a modern name brand non-corrosive primer that is hand seated by use to a specific depth for the best performance.
15. We load brass case with modern current smokeless clean burning gunpowder that individually hand weighted to with in 1 tenth of grain for the best accuracy.
16. We hand seat each bullet in the prepared brass case using high quality dies to get a uniform over all length.
17. We package in a 10 round or 50 round quality packaging that has individual compartments for each loaded round to secure it from the other loaded brass cases very securely. (Optional custom hard plastic ammunition box is available for $49.00 more.
18. We provide ballistics information on the Ball round in the packaging.
THIS IS NOT MACHINE GUN AMMUNITION IN ANYWAY-  This is quality 50 BMG lead core expanding ammunition.  With the lead core bullet it is approved for hunting and generally can  be fired at most public shooting ranges.  Be careful with it.
EXPECTED ACCURACY- Depending on the quality of the  optics and the skill of the shooter it can shoot a 7 to 10 inch group of 5 at 1,000 yards. It is all up to you.
OUR SELLING PRICE FOR THIS HIGH QUALITY 50 BMG CUSTOM AMMUNITION specially made for the fine L.A.R. rifle is;  $9.50 per round. Our best custom benchrest prepared loaded ammunition- That’s $9.50 per round and it is fully benchrest prepared using totally reworked once fired brass cases.


Add neck turned brass for $1.50 per brass case!  A bargainThere is no volume discount price offered.
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Even our hero Bert used one to control Graboids!