SPECIALLY MADE COMPETITION QUALITY LOADED 50 BMG AMMUNITION FOR THE MCBROS RIFLE! No one makes loaded custom rifle ammunition like we do!  No one!

At Arizona Ammunition, LLC.® we have been favored to work many of the great rifle builders.  If you recall it was Gale and Kelly McMillans idea for the existence of Arizona Ammunition, LLC.®!  We were in the same building when Gale and Rock McMillan began the development of the modern 50 BMG shoulder fired rifle.  It was exciting in those days as it was all new with no set rules-just try it!

McMillan rifles have gone through a number owners and changes over the years.  G. McMillan was the early creation of Gale McMillan and the actions were machined by brilliant son Rock at McMillan Machine next door.  They were and still are top quality. Whether they say G.McMillan, McBros, Harris/McMillan, or just McMillan the actions were and still are top quality.  They made several different version of the action too.  As Jim recalls the history it includes;


1. G. McMillan which built the rifle complete including the stock, action, and even made barrels. SOme would come with Lilja barrels or Schnieder barrels too in the early days. Original muzzle brake would be made by McMillan.

2.  G.McMillan owned by Wes Harris– These would include the McMillan action (marked G.McMillan or with the Harris name of it) and different stocks that could be from McMillan or made by Harris.  Barrels makers could vary too.  The original muzzle brake could be a Harris or McMillan.

3. McBros owned by Gale and Rock McMillan after Harris shut down. McBros or G.McMillan action, Lilja or Schnieder barrel, McBros muzzlebrake, McMillan stock.

4. McMillan Rifle Company, International- owned by Kelly McMillan- McMillan Machine Company made the action, Lilja or Schnieder Barrel, McBros/McMillan muzzle brake, VIAS, or Elite Arms muzzle brake. Some custom orders included a K&P barrel and Clam Shell style muzzle brake.

5. Strategic Armor Corps- owned by the group that owns Armalite Rifles, AWC suppressors,  Surgeon Rifles,  and the Alias Rifle Systems- Actions are Made by McMillan Machine Company, barrels are Lilja or Schneider, Stock are McMillan, and muzzle brakes can be VIAS, McMillan, or Elite Iron.

The basic Production 50 BMG rifle was constructed with these components-


1. Single shot right bolt and right eject.

2. Single shot right bolt and left eject.

3. Single shot “shell holder”action which has no ejection port.

4. Single shot shell holder Fisher style action with no ejection port.

5. Magazine feed left hand bolt and left ejection.

6. Magazine feed right hand bolt and right hand eject.


1. McMillan Stock Company-excellent stocks in any configuration.

2. Harris stocks– very little know and were only made for a short time.


1. Lilja– Excellent barrel with 1 in 15 twist and various lengths, fluted or not fluted-mostly fluted.

2. G.McMillan– We are told they were excellent barrels made in house- not much more information on them.

3. Schneider– Gale McMillan taught Gary Schneider how to make the big 50 barrels using all his secrets.  They are excellent barrels too.

4. K&P- Excellent “cut” rifle barrels. Fluted or not fluted and different diameters. 


1. McMillan/McBros- Very effective “Shark Gills” style. It is popular due to its slim line profile too. Owned by our friends Susan and Rock.

2. Harris- (no picture)- It was a KDF style with holes drilled in the brake completely around the brake- Not a real effective brake.Our of business.

3. K&P- Clam shell style brake that has many different versions as developed by Skip Talbot, Gale McMillan, K&P and others.  Perhaps the most effective brake on the market. Owned by our friends Peggy and Ken

4. VIAS- A very effective brake on the smaller calibers and does not effect accuracy in anyway.

5. Elite Iron-  Very effective streamline brake that does not affect accuracy in anyway. Owned by our friends Kathy and Dale Poling.





So how do we rate this rifle series?  We have fired from the bench most of the various models and styles i our 19 years in business.  We have not fired the new recoil reducing system added by McMillan International though so we can not rate it at all. Our rating never includes totally custom rifles. Some older rifles may receive a lower rating because of improved manufacturing process, better materials, improved stocks, barrels, actions, and other components.

A CAUTION here is that just because the actions states a specific manufactures name on it does not mean that the maker of the action built the entire rifle.  ATF requires that all firearm actions have the makers name on it unless other arrangements are made per regulations.  So if it says McMillan on it that does not guarantee that McMillan made it. 

1. G. McMillan- They will have older style stocks, metal finish, and possibly muzzle brakes but still very good. 4 out of 5 stars only because it is older. Still made very well for the times.

2. G. McMillan/Harris- For the most part these were of average construction- not great- not bad- 3 out of 5 stars or less.

3. McBros- We feel anything that McBros made is a 4 1/2 out of 5 stars! Near perfect!

4. McMillan International- They should have all the most recent updates and we rate them as a 4 out of 5 possible stars only because it was a new management group that took it over from McBros.

5. McMillan/Strategic- Unknown at this point but we have high hopes.  They also own Armalite, AWC Silencers, and Surgeon Rifles.

OUR SELLING PRICE FOR THIS HIGH QUALITY 50 BMG CUSTOM AMMUNITION specally made for the fine Windrunner rifle is;  $5.99 per round. Our best custom benchrest prepared loaded ammunition- That’s $5.99 per round and it is fully benchrest prepared using totally reworked once fired brass cases.
Add neck turned brass for $1.50 per brass case!  A bargainThere is no volume discount price offered.