At Arizona Ammunition, LLC.® we are always searching for unique and helpful items for our shooters.  Tools, accessories, and supplies that really work and have a benefit for our shooters.  Presently we off the following accessories for your consideration;

1. Bolt Protection Bag-  You will see that we insist that your rifle bolt be removed from the rifle when not in use.  By removing the bolt there is no possible way for the firearm to fire.  When transporting the rifle the bolt MUST be removed to insure that it is not damaged or broken.  Over the years we have seen more than one bolt handle broken off the main body of the bolt.  Unless all one piece the bolt handle with knob are all just silver soldered on and can crack or completely break off with rough handling in even the finest rifle case. Shipping or airlines are not your friend when handling your rifle and its rifle case.

We offer a unique item that will help protect your bolt when in the rifle case and help protect the rifle and optics from damage from the bolt.  It is a padded Bolt Protection Bag that is made of very durable vinyl outer  material and a soft quilted material on the inside and had a very nice zipper on three sides.  It is easy and fast to use.  Put the bolt in, zip it closed and put in your rifle case for transport.  EASY!





A. FOR SMALL CALIBERS- under 50 BMG- $13.00


B. FOR 50 BMG BOLTS-$16.00


This is the very long  BAT action bolt.  It is the longest one in the industry.





3. NEW! Need Extra Protection? This is a heavy duty double bolt bag!  It will hold two small caliber bolts at the same time.  This bolt bag is thicker and more protective than our other custom units but it is much larger. it measurer 11 /12 inches by 9 inches and is 11/2inches thick!

Holds one LARGE 50 BMG Bolt with ease$14.00 Holds two (2) small caliber bolts with ease! $14.00 Comes in Tan, Black, Military Green, and more assorited colors.

2.  STOCK PROTECTION- These are unique items we have found that every shooter should have in the cleaning kit.  It is a cover for the rifle stock while you are cleaning it.  It fits over the end of the stock and reaches all the way up to the rear part of the action to cover the area of the stock that your cleaning chemicals can leak on to. These are cool items.


b. EDGEWOOD STOCK PROTECTOR- The Edgewood Stock Protector is a protective leather cover for your rifle stock which lays over the butt stock to keep solvents and oils off the stock while you are cleaning the rifle. Two 1/4″ steel rods are sewn into the side edges of the stock protector to keep it in place on the stock. Made of a single piece of quality leather. Approximately 9-1/2″ wide and 12″ long. 100% Made in the U.S.A., these bags are beautifully crafted in Edgewood, New Mexico.-  $34.00

3. RIFLE PROTECTION TENT- A tent for your rifle?  Yes it is a handy item when you are shooting from the bench and need to take a break and do not want to remove your rifle from the bench.  You can leave your rest system and rifle setup on the bench, cover it with this unique protective tent and walk away for a break.  Really great for competition shooters!

4. RIFLE BALLISTIC’S KNOB-  Does this item make your bolt shoot faster if you throw it??? No.  It is to make your bolt work easier and much faster.  It is outstanding for hunters who want to be ready for a second follow-up shot in the field.  The new larger knob will be fitted to your bolt by experts and it will conform to your stock as smoothly and cleanly as possible.  It will stick out further than the factory bolt knob and may be a hinerance in ascabbord on a horse but, other wise it will one of the coolest things you will have ever done for your riles and it function.  We expect that you will have questions so call us and lets discuss this great addition to your rifle. Everyone who get it loves it-everyone!  We need your rifle to properly fit this item properly.

4. BETTER GRIP FOR YOUR STOCK-  This is one of the greatest things we have ever seen to help shooters in the field.  This is a new very rough texture to the pistol grip and forearm on your stock.  You DO NOT have to replace your stock as this can be added to your existing stock with ease.  We will texture the checkered part of the psitol grip and the forearm of your stock and repaint the stock to any color you wish.  We can even send you a sample stock to try and feel if you wish (with a deposit of course).

Every single shooter that looks at and feels this textured “gripping” system loves it and wants it for his/her stock!  It can be put on any type stock including metal, plastic, wood (special application), fiberglas, gel-coat, graphite….anything.  Call us for more details!


5. CLEANING MATT-  We offer a large and really great cleaning matt to put on your work bench, kitchen table, or anywhere you want to clean your firearms.  It is very soft and pliable and will conform to nearly any surface and has a very nice non-slip backing that prevents any chemical from leaking through from the top surface and is non-slip so it will stay in place.  The top surface is soft fabic that absorbs chemicals with ease and hold it (to a point) to prevent the chemical from leaking out on to other surfaces.  The matt itself with its soft design will help protect the subsurface (table or bench) from damage too.  This is MUST HAVE for any cleaning kit!


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