We at ARIZONA AMMUNITION, LLC.® know that we did not rise to the top alone and we can not stay at the top alone. We have so many friends in the industry that helped get where we are at today. Jim trained with the famous Kenny Jarrett of Jarrett Rifles before he started the Arizona Ammunition.LLC.®.  Kenny was a great influence on the way the shop is setup. Walt and Eunice Berger brought Arizona Ammunition, LLC.® its first large job to help it get started and then continued to work with Jim on ways to make better ammunition. Lester Bruno helped Arizona Ammunition with getting the best supplies possible to make quality ammunition with.  Robby Barrkman at ROBAR help ed Arizona Ammunition, LLC.® with great metal coatings. The incredible and creative Mike Dillon helped Jim with advice and Randy Shelly and Eric Harvey at Dillon helped Jim with machines and supplies. The list goes on and on. There are so many fine people that continue to change and improve the industry. The following pictures show just a few of them. We express our thanks to them and to you for taking time to look at them. If you ever meet any of them please say “thank you” for how they have helped the industry!

Our long time friend “Big” Al Morris of FoxPro Game Calls is a 3 time World Champion Coyote Caller and a nice guy!  Al and Jim have done shows and seminar’s together.

Our friend Dave Manson of Manson Tools.  The best reamers and products in the business.




Jim and Long time industry and Dillon Precision manager Randy Shelly. Randy has been a major influance on the operations of Arizona Ammunition and a great friend!

Our new freind Dan at Cutting Edge Bullets and Jim.  They make an all copper “turned” custom bullet we are testing now.  


Our new friends Josh and Steve at DEFIANCE  Rifle Actions.  We are very impressed with their work.



Jim and famous Ballistic’s guru Bryan Litz.Bryan is very helpto Jim and Arizona Ammunition.They confere with Bryan all the time.

Jim and 5 time World Record NBRSA holder Ross Herrick of Tuscon (on left) 

Our sales rep Justin from Battenfield.  We use many of their fine products and Justin supports us

Our friend Bill Wiseman-great barrels for many years 


What a guy! and our old friend Ronny Barrett-Barrett  FIREARMS.  Ronny and Jim have fought many battles to defend the right to 50 BMG ownership. 

Our friend Keith Pagel of the FCSA 50 Cal Group.  Keith is the editor of the VERY HIGH POWER magazine and a real supporter.


Jim and “the Gunny”  R. Lee Ermey-See the Gunny in the movies and on the History Channel. We are proud to know him! “Sound off like you have a pair skumbag!

Our friend Randy Brooks- King of Barnes Bullets. Copper solid bullets with world wide hunting recognition and success.  One of our supporters from the beginning.


Our new friend Dale Arenson the 50 BMG bullet maker.  His bullets are winning and setting world records. Look for TEN-X custom bullets!




Our friend Ed Dillon at NECO-They put us in the bullet coating business! They make great products too!

The famous and our very good friend Dave Tooley-Tooley Custom Rifles (he is a nice guy too!) Dave is the guy everyone chases in the 1,000 yard competition!


Our friend at Warne Rings.  These are top quality rings and bases.  We exclusively use them in in our testing. 

Our friends at Oehler Research.  The finest chronographs in the business.  We use them exclusively in our testing.


Our sales rep Troy  at MagTech.  They make great 50 BMG  cases and support us!

Our special friend Dale Polling of Elite Iron-He makes great Silencers and other equipment! He and Kathy are great people and good supporters!


Our friend John Lazzeroni at Lazzeroni Arms.  Great rifles! John is a  firm and determined guy who only makes the best product he can.  He has supported us from our beginning

Jim and the world famous exhibition shooter the late Tom Knapp. See Tom on the History Channel and others. We are proud to know him. His incredible shooting is an inspiration to Jim!


Our long time friend and supporter Randy Shelly of Dillon Precision and our great friend Eric Stecker, President of Berger Bullets. Two incredibly creative guys! Both have changed the industry and sure have helped us!

Our so very special friend and supporter Walt Berger.  He is a bullet design genius of Berger Bullets.  He and his late wife and partner Eunice helped us get start!


Our friends at Jarrett Rifles, Jay & Kenny Jarrett.  Kenny helped us get our start. You can not go wrong with his firearms

Our friends at Brush Country Camouflage.  If you are not using Brush Country Camo in the southwest ‘they can see you!’ 


Our friends at Swift Bullets Owner Bill (left) is a long time supporter


Our friend Lex  at Rifles, Inc. We have never seen a bad or even questionable rifle from Lex.  He is a no risk rifle builder!

Our friend Jim Borden at Borden Rifles.  Jim is creative and a real competitor in the benchrest game.  He makes top quality rifles and products.


Lots of action at the Harrisburg show! We did that show for many years.

Our friend Mark at Bansner Custom Rifles.  Mark makes great products, rifles, stocks, and a very nice guy!


Our friends Bobby and Wally at Hart Rifles. Top quality rifles and equipment

Our long time special friend Floyd Green  owner of the Outdoorsmans. Floyd helped us get our start so long ago. He sells only top quality products!


Our friends at Nosler Bullet Company. Our preferred bullet for many hunting applications.

Jim with long time friend the late Buzz Huntington an industry icon.  His family started what is now known as RCBS.  The Huntington Company has supported Jim since his start up!





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