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We are a new ammunition manufacturer and generally do not reload.  We do not provide loading data or give advice on loading procedures.  Please do not ask for this type of information. We do provide technical support on our ammunition, ACCULUBE 10-X coated bullets, any of our products in general and our experiences with different rifles, manufacturers, bullets, and related equipment.  Any endorsements we provide are based on our direct experience and not due to any compensation offered or provided by the endorsee.  These opinions are based on our experience.


ON LINE INTERNET PURCHASING- We do not have “online” purchasing at the present time nor do we expect it in the near future. We are truly sorry if this an inconvenience for you and we are working on it. Call 520-586-2582 to place an order Monday thru Friday 9 am to 5 pm.

  • Dealers must provide a copy of a current Federal Firearms License and State Sales Tax certificate to receive items at dealer cost prior to any sale. (FAX to 520-586-2582)
  • Law enforcement/military must provide purchase order, voucher, or department letter head authorizing purchase. No personal orders please.
  • Consumers purchasing loaded ammunition must be 21 years of age and provide proof upon request.  We will not sell loaded ammunition to anyone we believe will be using this ammunition in an improper, illegal, or incorrect manner.  WE EXERCISE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE TO ANYONE FOR ANY REASON. We do it too!
  • ARIZONA AMMUNITION, LLC.® ammunition is manufactured under strict control and guidelines and is intended to be “rifle” specific and is not designed or intended to be used in all types of firearms unless stated as such.  The box will be clearly marked as to what rifle it is intended for.  Those who do not follow those guidelines accept all risk and liability for doing so. Do not share our ammunition with anyone else!


  • C.O.D. orders: We accept C.O.D. orders and there is a $10.00 fee per order.
  • Credit Cards: We accept VISA/MasterCard and there is never an extra fee.
  • Other Payment Methods- Cash and  money order
  • Business or personal check: In general we will accept business or personnel checks.  Special arrangements must be made to do so. $100.00 fee for insufficient funds checks.  Must clear bank before order is shipped.
  • PayPal- We have a PayPal account and are pleased to provide you with the information so you can pay in that manner. Contact us for the information if you wish to use this method.
  • Money wires: Call for information on using this very easy method of paying for your order.


  • SHIPPING COSTS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN PRICES SHOWN IN OUR INFORMATION (unless shown and stated). Most shipping is done by USPS, UPS, FEDEX, and common carrier truck. When appropriate, we will ship to a P.O. Box by U.S… Postal Service.  We will also ship by common carrier on larger orders and will work with consumer on acceptable freight lines.
  • International orders will be sent by U.S… Postal Service or other acceptable services. EXTRA FEES ARE REQUIRED FOR THESE SHIPMENTS.
  • Maximum UPS weight is 70 pounds for all components per box.
  • PACKAGING AND HANDLING COST- We add $3.00 to each order to cover the cost of all the packaging like tape,labels, boxes, bubble wrap, peanuts, and more. We can no longer absorb this cost.
  • International Orders: International orders requiring permits and additional fees are acceptable and those fees and expenses are the responsibility of the purchaser and are not reflected in the prices shown here.
  • Customer Pick Up: Customers must call ahead and arrange for a factory pickup.  NO ACCEPTIONS! DO NOT JUST SHOW UP! Call 520-586-2582 first.
  • Arizona Residents: Arizona sales tax will be added to all orders (non-labor).
  • Special Request Shipping: Extra fees may be applied for this service.  At present we do not ship ammunition by air for anyone.  After the 9/11 tragedy it became nearly impossible to do so.
  • Backorders: We do accept and track back orders.  All back orders require full payment in advance.
  • Call us if you have any questions of any kind.  We will do our best to answer.
or by email at


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