updated 08/06/2023


THIS KIT IS HUGE!At Arizona Ammunition, LLC.® we have assembled an amazing set of Professional Cleaning Kits for you.  These kits are so complete that you will want for nothing to add to either kit.  They come with all the supplies you will need, a bore guide for your caliber rifle, instructions, FREE tech support, and a top quality Bore Tech cleaning rod and jag(s). Any and all items offered here have been used by us on the job for its intended use. We have tested every single item in these great kits.  We know they work and last!

Click on the kit you are interested in and get more details or call use anytime to talk about them.  They are truly the best cleaning kit you can get or will ever need. we have sold them for more than 20 years so we know they last!

Professional Cleaning Kits from Arizona Ammunition, LLC.®

Description Price
Professional Small Caliber Rifle Custom Cleaning Kit (smaller caliber than 50 BMG) Out of Stock
Professional 50 BMG Rifle Custom Cleaning Kit Out of Stock

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As always we follow the manufactures recommended procedures and test the product to the fullest.  We do accept products and equipment free for testing and we either return it or pay for it.  Therefore we feel we are not influenced by the freebies, discounts, or cheap that often are offered to gain influence or preference.  We are only influenced by what works and is the best! We look for top performance and proven value and not cheap.  We like bargains as you do but, know that very often you get what you pay for.  If you are looking for bargains stop here because we doubt that you will like our prices. You will like our quality