The Arizona Ammunition. LLC. Professional Range Box and Cleaning Kit is stocked with the highest quality supplies. Supplies we use ourselves here in the shop. We do not believe in plastic jags or slotted tips for quality cleaning. This kit contains quality brass jags and slotted tips, premium bronze and nylon brushes, patches, cleaning supplies, instructions, and lots of exclusive tools and accessories to make cleaning and maintaining your firearms quick and convenient. Thank you treating yourself to our high quality Professional Range Box and Cleaning Kit. If you need help or additional supplies please contact us at 520-586-2582 or

Included here are:

• 11 Bronze Brushes
• 12 Brass Jags
• 4 Slotted tips
• Utility Brush
• Nylon gun brush
• IOSSO Paste
• Bore Tech Gun Grease
• Bore Tech Bore Guide
• Steel Wool
• Allen wrenches
• Bore tech Cleaning Rod
• Rubber bands
• Electrical tape

• 3-piece Cleaning Rod-22 cal
• 3-piece Cleaning Rod-27 to 45 cal
• 10 Shooter Swabs
• Action/Chamber Cleaning Tool Set
• 50 Cleaning Patches-22-270
• 50 Cleaning Patches-270-35 cal.
• 50 Cleaning Patches-35-50 cal
• 50 Cleaning Patches 10,122,16 gauge
• Magnifying Glass
• Plastic Wrap
• Extra Cleaning Patches
• Ziplock Bags

• Professional screw driver set
• Rem Oil
• Cleaning towel
• Q-Tips
• Alcohol
• Bore Tech Copper remover
• Bore Tech Eliminator
• Bowl
• Lens Cleaning
• Gun Scrubber/brake cleaner
• Flash Light
• Thread locker

The Arizona Ammunition, LLC. Professional Range Box and Cleaning Kit is Huge!

It measures 21 inches long 11 inches high and 9 inches wide made out of tough plastic and a large handle!

This is the interior tray with all the jags, brushes, chamber cleaning tool, and other special tools you will need

We include a Bore Tech bore guide, screw driver set, Bore tech Gun Grease, extra patches, and a flashlight We include Alochol, lens cleaner, Boretech Eliminator, IOSSO paste Rem Oil; Plastic Wrap to protect the stock, aand Gun Scrubber/Users/NileChris/Desktop/Cleaningkit.pdf or Brake Cleaner

We also include Bore Tech Copper remover, Magnifing glass, steel wool, tape, thread locker, cleaning rag, Q-tips and more! We give you cleaning instructions, FREE Tech Support, and the large Kit even has a rifle cleaning craddle!

bore stixExtreme Grease Gun Oil

Also included is a Bore Tech Cleaning Road of your choice in calibers too. There is no finer Range Box and Cleaning Kit available from anyone! We offer this kit in all calibers including 50 BMG! (the 50 BMG is slightly different in supplies).

All this for $299.00

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