Arizona Ammunition, LLC® has been building computer estimated psi rifle PROOF cartridges for 20 plus years or longer.  PROOF rifle cartridges are the pressure (psi) cartridges fired three (3) times in a new rifle to insure its safety.  Rifle high pressure cartridges uses pounds per square inch pressure (psi) as a measurement.  They are generally 15% higher than standard rifle cartridges as described  by the industry voluntary standard  (psi) setting organization SAMMI.  The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAMMI) sets these standard for the industry to follow using a voluntarily committee and publishing their recommendations every few years. Not all cartridges are listed nor have a SAMMI recommended psi either.

Arizona Ammunition, LLC.® does it best to follow all SAMMI standards and uses a computerized estimate for rifle PROOF cartridges to determine the psi required to properly test a specific caliber and cartridge.  In the the future we will be adding PROOF cartridge psi based on OEHLER “crusher” testing determination too.  While we are very comfortable with the computer estimated system we are always looking for a better way or offering different testing procedures.

FUNCTION ROUNDS- We offer custom “function” cartridges for semi-auto and full automatic firearms.  These are LOWER psi pressure than PROOF rounds. Generally they are the very bottom of the published SAMMI pressures  for that specific cartridge.  They are made to the highest specification like our other rifle ammunition. Cartridges will vary due to the planned use and the specific firearm being used to test. Call us to discuss.

DOWN LOADED RIFLE ROUNDS– Generally we do not make “reduced load” loaded rifle cartridges. Loaded rifle cartridges loaded at reduced pressures can be very very dangerous.  A rifle cartridge with a greatly reduced gun powder charge can be like a stick of dynamite in the chamber and actually explode.  Yes explode! We will do it after a great deal research and that we are certain it is safe. Call us.

PROVIDING YOUR OWN LOADING SPECIFICATIONS- We get requests from time to time we are asked to use customer supplied PROOF cartridge specifications they have. 99% of the time we can not use or follow the specification offered.  They are most often PROOF cartridge specifications from the military that are from WWII, Vietnam, Korea or older.  They often call for gunpowder that is no longer made or only available to military contractors.  Often the bullets are special too and no longer can be found.  For example calling for 30 caliber 155.3 grain FMJ bullets that we simply can not get.  Some specification call for special colors on the brass cases too or even very special made, heavier than normal, brass cases that we seldom can get.  So you can ask but the chances are low that we can do it. We do our best.

PROVIDING YOUR OWN psi- Customers, from time to time, ask for their own special psi in a PROOF cartridge.  In most cases it is much higher than SAMMI specifications.  The goal we are told is to show that what they build is tougher than SAMMI specifications.  We will do our best to work with each customer on such requests.  You must be willing to accept the legal responsibility though. Call us.

REMEMBER THIS IS COMPUTER ESTIMATED psi. Computer estimated rifle PROOF cartridges are only sold to qualified gunsmiths and firearms manufacturers.  Proof of qualification will be required.  We do not take orders over 500 computer estimated PROOF cartridge at a time.  There are other fine companies like Hornady and Black Hills Ammunition for the larger PROOF cartridge orders. We have worked with both for many many years with great success.

We follow SAMMI procedures in the construction of the loaded computer estimated rifle PROOF cartridge to the best of our ability and the availability of the components. In some cases the components may not be available for our use and substitutions are used with customer approval (the cost may be higher too).  Each computer estimated PROOF cartridge is loaded in new brass cases, we use modern very consistent and stable gun power, high quality primers, and each computer estimated PROOF cartridge is individually handed weighed, bullet is hand seated, brass case is marked as a PROOF round,and is placed in a quality plastic box with warning notices on the box that it is holding PROOF cartridge. THIS COMPUTER ESTIMATED RIFLE PROOF AMMUNITION IS DANGEROUS!!!

If you are interested and qualify for our computer estimated rifle PROOF cartridge please contact us for more details.  Our prices in general are as follows;


1. SMALL CALIBER RIFLE-17 TO some 30 CALIBERS- $4.00 each (some belted cartridges may be $0.50 more)

2. LARGER CALIBER RIFLES- 300 WIN MAG TO 416 mag- $4.50 each (some belted cartridges may be $0.50 more.)

3. EXTRA LARGE CALIBER RIFLES- OVER 416 NOT INCLUDING 50 BMG- $6.00 each (some belted cartridges may be $0.50 more.

4. 50 BMG and all variations using this large brass case- Including 416 Barrett- $7.00 each

5. Wildcats-  Prices will vary but most will be $6.00 each OR MORE! Likely more.

6. Custom made or very special cartridges- Can be $6.00 OR MORE depending on the brass case and extra work required.

Our boxes hold 20 or 50 loaded cartridges.  We will work with each individual ordered on the quantity needed.  We are pretty flexible.  We will not make over 500 at a time of any on cartridge though. 50% payment maybe required up front when placing the order for our computer estimated PROOF cartridges.

TIMING- We know that rifle PROOF cartridges are needed before a new rifle is shipped to the customer so we do our best to fit the order into our system.  We try to give PROOF cartridge orders some priority to help the manufacturer out in delivering the rifle AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE.  There is no guarantee that the order will totally receive priority though.  Please remember our policy of “lack of planning on your part does not make it an emergency on our part.”  Please plan ahead on ordering our computer estimated rifle PROOF cartridges.

Call us if you have questions.  Please note that we are fully insured too.



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