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Rifles and long range handguns are inspected for general working condition and ability to shoot accurately. 
We check the following areas (and more) that we know affect accuracy:

  1. Crown (with 40 power microscope)
  2. Stock condition inside and out, includes barrel channel, finish, recoil pad, and more.
  3. Chamber (using a video bore scope)
  4. Bedding in stock (if any)
  5. Barrel rifling condition (using video bore scope)
  6. Electronic trigger pull test
  7. Firing pin inspection
  8. Scope (sights), bases and rings
  9. Bolt face (with 40 power microscope)
  10. Bullet run out test and O.A.L.
  11. Action screw condition
  12. Recoil lug condition
  13. Safety inspection and testing

Those rifles requiring gunsmith service are either returned to you or referred on by ARIZONA AMMUNITION, LLC.®. with your approval.  We are NOT a gunsmith service.  We will only do small simple repairs and replacements.  All other work must be performed by a qualified gunsmith. All rifle details are documented for load development and your specific use is also documented for comparison with the intended or requested ammunition.  Specific loads are developed and tested in your rifle at our private range.  Performance information on ammunition and rifle are developed and provided to you or anyone.  Three targets are included with the returned rifle to verify accuracy.  Detailed information on ballistics of each rifle and ammunition combination are provided to you.  LOAD DATA IS NOT PROVIDED TO ANYONE!


Upon your request, we will develop loads for as many uses as feasible.  (each has a separate charge).  We provide 5 rounds  with each rifle for standard center fire rifles and 5 with large caliber rifles like 50 BMG.  Additional ammunition will be an additional charge.  All ammunition is packaged in a hard plastic box with your name, bullet type, and rifle details on the box.  All cases (brass) are “tuned” and are always new.  All bullets are ACCULUBE 10X coated.


“Over the counter” custom ammunition is sold for specific rifles, long range handguns and specific use (very limited).  For example, ammunition developed for use in a Remington 700 is not intended to be used in any other type of rifle for any reason.  All cases are “tuned” and new.  Bullets are ACCULUBE 10X coated.  Details of the ammunition’s performance are provided with each box.  All of our ammunition is packaged 20 or 50 per box in very high quality hard plastic boxes and is shipped directly to you.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE? – Read Carefully

Our work is not easy and it takes time to properly do it.  We have the every day delays like;

1. Ordering the supplies for the particular rifles planned use

2. Getting line with rifles ahead of yours

3. Weather- We shoot all rifles outside on our private range and the weather must be favorable.

4. The every day things in life like doctors appointments, customer calls and more.

There are two ways to get your work done:

RANDOM PROCESS – Once we receive your rifle it falls in line behind others that are already in-house.  The average is 8 to 10 weeks for our work to be completed, provided we do not have any problems. (WILDCATS MAY TAKE LONGER.) REMEMBER THERE IS A COMPONENT SHORTAGE RIGHT NOW,


RESERVATION SYSTEM – Call ahead and reserve a time and send it in on or prior to the reservation time and you will not be at the bottom of the list. (THIS IS THE RECOMMENDED METHOD.  WE DO NOT HAVE A SLOW SEASON AND PLANNING IS EVERYTHING!) Send us your rifle when you do without it for up to 3 months!  If you call us all the time, we cannot get our work done!  Remember that “Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on our part”.


ARIZONA AMMUNITION, LLC.® is easy to do business with!  Rifles that are to be “tuned” can be sent directly to our address without the aid of a gunsmith or FFL holder.  Rifles will be returned directly to you by insured delivery.  If you need a rifle case and box for shipping we will send you one. Please follow the following checklist:


  1. Use light weight gun case – plastic is fine.
  2. Remove bolt and place in an old sock or bubble pack and put it in case.  VERY IMPORTANT!
  3. Include scope, bases, rings, bipod (if any) and all instructions.  Tell us what distance to sight in at.
  4. Tape down locks on gun case and place in cardboard box (about $5.00 at mail store).
  5. Insure gun and accessories including the scope.  Insure it for more than replacement cost too.
  6. Shipping firearms has become a little bit of a hassle these days. You can ship UPS, The United States Postal Service, and FEDEX. All will insure and ship rifles safely.  You must go to a regular UPS, FEDEX, or U.S. Postal Service facility.  A Mail Store CANNOT accept firearms to ship. Or simply call for a pickup at your location.
  7. Expect so some small problems shipping too.  Some places may tell you that it is illegal to ship guns, others will tell you that you must have an FFL,  some may tell you that it is illegal to even own a gun, others may tell you that they need a copy of our FFL.  If they do call us and we will FAX it to them immediately. Actually the Postal Service is the easiest but, you have to wait in line. Call if you need help! Go prepared.

For accessories and over the counter ammunition we sell directly to the customer .  Dealers are asked to charge retail prices, but it remains an independent decision to each dealer.  The same guarantee and service applies regardless of where you buy your ammunition.  We accept PAY PAL, VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card, Check, or cash, money orders for orders.  We accept telephone call orders, fax orders Email orders, and U.S. Mail orders.



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