updated March 20th, 2022

At Arizona Ammunition, LLC.® we believe in training programs for rifle accuracy and shooter performance.  Some of us are naturals at shooting but not many.  We know shooters that are great off the bench and poor in the field and others that are poor off the bench and great in the field.  It is seldom that you can find both.  We are also confused on why a shooter would leave accuracy and performance to chance when there are so many good programs offered on the market.

We are pretty fussy about training programs.  We are not fans of military style training for hunting.  We do not favor military or hunting training for bench shooting.  We also do not favor training that has a narrow and/or one track mind about training.  We look for a successful shooter training program that includes;

                                                                    (shooting pictures courtesy of Gunsite Academy)

1. At least 3 to 5 full days in length of actual LIVE rifle firing.

2. Includes organized classroom time.

3. Holds the training to one rifle per person.

4. Includes short (25 yards) and long range shooting (from 500 to 1,000 yards).

5. Requires at least 200 rounds of on range target firing.

6. Includes training to understanding all about ballistics’s of ammunition and shooting.

7. Provides training for using a range finder with the chosen rifle and ammunition.

8. Provides a good understanding of target turrets if provided on scope.

9. Student to trainer ratio of 1 in 5 or less.

10.  A training class that accepts your rifle and does not dictate what you bring. After all that is why you are getting the training…to shoot and practice with YOUR rifle!



CCW (Concealed Weapon carry permit)- We strongly feel that all shooters and hunters need an official CCW certification in their home state or community if offered.  This will give you an basic firearms handling familiarity and more confidence in handling any firearm. Most states now recognize each others certifications too.  A nice thing to have when you are traveling too. Note that Arizona will allow non-resident out of state citizens to take the class and issue them a certificate now!

NRA Rifle Course-  Jim is a certified NRA trainer in all classes (rifle, pistol, shotgun) and has taught many classes.  We feel that this is an excellent course for anyone to take for better familiarization in handling rifles in general.  It is great for new and younger shooters and hunters too.  It will NOT take the place of a training class specifically designed for hunting though;  not even close! (click) 


RECOMMENDATIONS FOR HUNTER TYPE TRAINING CLASSES- Presently we only recommend the Gunsite Academy (Prescott, Arizona) classes # 170, 270, and Hunter Prep training courses they offer. There may be other great training classes available at other companies but we just do not have any experience with them yet. We have extensive experience with Gunsite  and you will get your money’s worth.  Every dime too. See them at; (click)

NOTICE- Arizona Ammunition, LLC. does not receive any compensation of any kind from any shooter training school we recommend.  We just want to help you, the shooter, get more from our customer highly accurate custom ammunition.

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