Updated 08/04/2023

At Arizona Ammunition, LLC.® we offer four (4) great targets for you to use.  All our targets are high quality and durable.  It seems today that target makers try to make them on tissue paper thin paper and come off in the wind, tear easily, and some are impossible to see at longer distances.  Take a look at our great targets and if for any reason you are not satisfied with any of these targets we will buy them back including the return shipping!  They are excellent! Here is what we offer now;PRACTICE CAN MAKE PERFECT!

1. Practice and sight in target. It is a nine (9) in one target.  We have been making them since the late 1990’s. There is large center bullseye diamond and a slightly smaller bullseye diamond in each corner.  So you can shoot for group in five (5) different points on one single the target. One trick we learned is to also use the large red bars and the tip of each point on the larger center diamond as yet another group of 4 point of aim  targets.  That makes up to 9 points of aim for targets on the one sheet!

Additionally this terrific target has very precision 1 inch grids on the entire target for sight in help.  The easy to use grid makes sighting in a breeze! So it is was to see that this is an outstanding target that is easy to see and use.  The bright white back ground and the semi bright red printing makes it easy to see the bullet holes. We started making this target back in the 1990’s just after we opened.  It is an all bright white target with red printing and a new heavy 80 pound semi hard finished paper.  It is thick! That is around three time thicker or more that a standard target. With the thick paper the bullet holes are crisp and very clean and the paper generally will not rip or tear when hit.  The thicker paper holds up in the wind better than thinner paper can.

Other features are that it has a place to record your shooting data in the lower right hand corner. The hard finished paper is more resistant to being wet. IT IS NOT WATER PROOF but it is tough! AND remember that we provide FREE TECH SUPPORT on any products we sell.  We will help you use this target while shooting groups or sight in.  Just call us AND WE WILL HELP YOU FREE!

We have kept the price down to $19.00 per 100 ($0.19 cents each).  They come is a sturdy large box for safe keeping too.  If you are not using this target you do not know what you are messing!


This great target measures a huge 16 inches by 16 inches!

a. $9.99 per 50! ($0.19 cents each)

b. $19.00 PER 100! ($0.19 cents each)

c. Buy any quantity less than 50- $0.25 each

IT IS PRINTED ON VERY HEAVY 80 POUND TOP QUALITY PAPER TOO. Regular cheap paper targets are generally printed on 30 pound paper less than 1/2 the thickness of ours!

OUR GUARANTEE OF SATISFACTION!  We will buy back the non used or non damaged targets if you do not like them and we will pay the return shipping cost too! They are great

Our printer, the late wildman Karl Hunstiger, is a long range and 50 BMG shooter too!  He knows his stuff after 30+ years of printing!! He is also the Match Director for the 1,000 yd. benchrest matches in Tuscon, Arizona each month! The 2nd Saturday-come on out!



2.  LONG RANGE 1,000 YARD PLUS  TARGET- IT IS HUGE! 42 inches by XXX inches- IT IS PRINTED ON HEAVY 70 POUND OFFSET PAPER-$1,50 EACH! This target frame is 4ft by 4 ft so you can the size of the target.


 A 1,000 yard target you can see!

42 inches by XX inches on heavy paper!




3. 600 YARD TARGET- 42 inches by 39 inches!  If you do not have really long range areas to shoot then this target is perfect for you!. IT IS PRINTED ON VERY HEAVY 80 POUND OFFSET PAPER.  These are the only targets you should be shooting at 1,000 yards away!-$1.50  Each!


 A 600 yard target you can see! A huge 42 inches by 39 inches!




4. FCSA OFFICIAL REPLACEMENT CENTERS-  28 inches by 24 inches! The are the actual 1,000 yard replacement centers used in competition in official Fifty Caliber Shooter Association match.  They are huge, printed on 70 pound offset paper and easy to see at loner ranges!-$1.50 each.

 A very large and easy to see target at any distance.  

It is 28 inches by 24 inches on heavy paper!


5. Target Pasters- to be used to cover bullet holes in your target- Target pasters –  Bags of 200- $3.00 Extend the usefulness of your targets!




OUR GUARANTEE OF SATISFACTION!  We will buy back the non used or non damaged targets if you do not like them and we will pay the return shipping cost too! They are great though!

1. Sight-in Target on 80 pound paper ($0.19 each)-Red on white. 16″ x 16″ and very easy to see at 100 yards.

2. 1,000 yard Long range Target- printed on 70 pound offset paper-($1.50 each)-Blue on white.

3. 600 yd Long Range Target- printed on 80lb offset ($0.99 each)-Black on white.

4. FCSA Centers (for 1,000 yards)- Official Target on 70lb offset ($0.99 each)- Black on white.

These are all printed on heavy paper- Not 30lb like normal cheap target stock!


5. Target Spots- 2 Spots per strip!  Blue, white, and Black are
available. ($3.00 per 100).



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