Rifles and long range handguns are inspected for general working condition and ability to shoot accurately. We must first determine if your rifle even has a chance of shooting accurately.  We will not proceed until it is inspected. We check the following areas (and more) that we know affect accuracy:

  • Crown condition (with 40 power microscope)
  • Stock condition inside and out, includes barrel channel, finish, recoil pad, and more.

    Neveda Big Horn Sheep killed with a 30_378 Wby. Mag. ULTRA_VEL

  • Chamber inspection (using a video bore scope)
  • Bedding fit in stock (if any)
  • Barrel rifling condition (using video bore scope)
  • Computer trigger pull test-very detailed
  • Firing pin inspection
  • Scope (sights), bases and rings
  • Bolt face exam (with 40 power microscope)
  • Bullet run out test and O.A.L. (bullet requested by you)
  • Action screw condition
  • Recoil lug condition
  • Safety inspection and testing
  • Barrel free floating inspection

Those rifles requiring gunsmith service are either returned to you or referred on by ARIZONA AMMUNITION, LLC.®. with your approval to a well qualified gunsmith. We are NOT a gunsmith service. We will only do small simple repairs and replacements. All other work must be performed by a qualified gunsmith. We work with Dave Tooley, ROBAR, Bruno’s, Hart, Bansners, Kenny Jarrett, and more well known professionals.

All rifle details are documented for load development and your specific use is also documented for comparison with the intended or requested ammunition. Specific loads are developed and tested in your rifle at our private range. Performance information on ammunition and rifle are developed and provided to you or anyone. Three targets are included with the returned rifle to verify accuracy. Detailed information on ballistics of each rifle and ammunition combination are provided to you. LOAD DATA IS NOT PROVIDED TO ANYONE!

Upon your request, we will develop loads for as many uses as feasible. (each has a separate charge). We provide 5 custom rounds for use with each rifle for standard center fire rifles and 5 with large caliber rifles like 50 BMG. Additional ammunition will be an additional charge. All ammunition is packaged in a hard plastic box with your name, bullet type, and rifle details on the box. All cases (brass) are “tuned” and are always new. All bullets are ACCULUBE 10X coated.



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