Long Range-Long Range-Long Range!

  • We have been shooting long range for 21 years! Everyone else is a “newbe”. Our ammunition performs at any range you need it to!
  • Reorganized, and relocating operations from Phoenix, AZ to a shooter friendly 40 acres facility outside Tucson, AZ.
  • New production shop and facilities totaling 3,000 sq. feet.
  • Private, On-site long range testing facility.
  • Customers sending rifles for rifle-specific-tuned-ammunition packages get the individual attention of Jim Schmidt
  • Added “attention to detail” assures each rifle round is prepared as if Jim were going to use it himself!

Arizona Ammunition’s Expanded Focus

    • Expanded ballistic/ ammunition Research & Development.
    • Expanded our focus on long range shooting and extreme accuracy.
    • Research with new and advanced component suppliers and products.
    • Improved computer data base, and analysis protocols.
    • Ballistic gelatine testing media, with access to high speed camera/video results.
    • Proprietary powder blends producing ULTRA Velocities with extreme accuracy, and minuscule standard deviation, sans overpressure.
    • High performance barrel features, and materials.
    • Ultimate big game long range hunting systems.
    • Highly skilled labour process improvements.

Do not go to ‘amateurs’ or ‘newbes’ for your shooting needs- We are the experienced experts!