World Championship Coyote Calling Contest®

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Arizona Ammunition, LLC.® has been a continuous sponsor of the World Championship Coyote Calling Contest® (WCCCC®) since 1998 (20 years). We created and have continuously provided the copyrighted World Championship Trophy Buckles to the winners, help in operations of the event where we can, and sponsor at least one team when possible.

BACK GROUND;The World Championship Coyote Calling Contest® has been operating  for decades-more than 30 years.  The event has experienced many wide swings of ups and downs.  Mr. Bill Countess has been and still is a driving force to keep the event going.  In the late 1990’s the event was down to less than 40 entries but was kept alive with the efforts of Bill Countess, Mike Burris, Duncan Davis, and Jim Schmidt (Arizona Ammunition, LLC®). Many of the competitors helped in every way they could to save the event.  It was saved!

OUR SPONSORSHIP- In 1998 Arizona Ammunition, LLC.® developed and copyrighted the World Championship Coyote Calling Contest® Trophy Belt Buckles for this event and presented them to the first recipients Al Morris and Garvin Young.  We have provided these spectacular copyrighted Championship Trophy Buckles ever since (20+ years). We no longer participate in the operations of the event.  In 2012 and 13 we provided the “security Take Bands” for marking the coyotes taken at no charge to the event and helped with training and check-in.

ABOUT THE EVENT  The WCCCC® is a private invitation only event not open to the public with previous non-disqualified contestants receiving an automatic invitation.  Others wanting to participate must have a referral from a WCCCC® official or previous contestant. Disqualified contestants may never compete in the WCCCC® ever again. The WCCCC® is held the first weekend in December with check in on Thursday and the event on Friday and Saturday.  Generally-The event starts on Friday morning and ends around noon on Saturday. The awards banquet is held on Saturday night. (this may vary though)

Event participants may go any where in the world were coyote hunting is legal and all state or area rules are properly followed.  Ignorance of the laws, policies, or rules does not excuse the violation. Contestants must return to the check-in exactly on or before the time of day designated by the event managers. Violation of any game laws or other civil or criminal laws may result in disqualification.  This may include speeding tickets and more.  Discourtesy or disrespect to other teams, the general public, law enforcement, or ANY WCCCC® official will result in disqualification. Most states ban shooting from a vehicle, from the road, or across a road or RR track and that is a violation in the WCCCC® if it violates any rules or laws for that area. Our approved contestants are and must remain professional at all times!  We set the highest standards of any hunt in the world.  Our standards continue to improve each year with input from all of the qualified and attending teams. They are serious so the WCCCC® is serious. Again this is a private event held on private property.

Night hunting, hunting with dogs, hunting with more than 2 persons is not allowed.  Involving non-registered hunters (receiving assistance from) is strictly prohibited. Strict rules on teams collaborating with each other, pooling, taking animals by other means than calling, other possible improper actions is totally forbidden and can result in disqualification. Any illegal take will result in disqualification. Professional Polygraph tests are given to the first two winning teams and one additional team at random drawn from a hat.  Teams refusing the Polygraph test or failing the test are disqualified forever from the WCCCC®.  No exceptions. Do not test this as we have disqualified teams in the past. Teams not reporting observed or known violations of other teams can be disqualified too. We are very serious about a professional hunt and event!

Please know that they do not provide the exact location to anyone except paid entries only!  Please do not ask for the location!

PLEASE NOTE THAT THEY ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR NEW WCCCC® LOCATIONS. Contact us if your community is interested in having our great event there. Please contact us directly. We are no longer using Host Clubs for the event.  All WCCCC® events will be operated internally by WCCCC® staff.


PRIVATE EVENT- As it has always been, this is a private event by invitation only and open only to the approved team members, event officials, event workers, sponsors, special guests, law enforcement, game officials, and family members.  No spectators,  or non event related persons are allowed on the private property of the event.  Trespassing and privacy laws will be enforced.  The media is welcome by invitation only. This is strictly enforced. We have nothing to hide but we enjoy our right to privacy. Please honor our privacy.

CONTEST SECURITY AND IMPROVEMENTS- The WCCCC® has increased its security against possible cheating by requiring the first and second place winners to take a professional Polygraph test and a third test is given at random to another team.  In the very first year of introduction of the Polygraph test in Arizona the winning team was disqualified solely as the result of the test. There are strict rules to follow and any violation of game laws, criminal, or civil laws can result in disqualification!  The event only wants the best professional and courteous hunters to compete!

CONSERVATION- This event is ecologically successful with more than 100 teams of two hunters each and they are removing many coyotes in the general area of the hunt and it has become a major predator reduction/control program in the general area for ranchers and farmers. Thus saving them from losses to coyotes which have proven to be very expensive to them.  The WCCCC® works hand in hand with local Game and Fish departments, local area trappers, land owners, and other organizations in putting on this successful event. A portion of the prize money is always donated to a local charity group in need and is often a considerable amount.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT AND ECONOMIC VALUE-  The WCCCC® selects communities to hold the event that can benefit from input to the local economy by this large event. We are pleased to work with local public officials, local law enforcement, local merchants, local charities, and civic leaders when we come to their town.  It is important to the WCCCC® that the community supports our fine event. We answer any and all inquiries from anyone in the community on the WCCCC®.  We have nothing to hide and welcome questions, suggestions, opinions,  and comments from the local community. We are safe and professional.

PROCEEDS FROM THE EVENT GO TO LOCAL CHARITY(S) One of the very strict rules of the WCCCC® is that a portion of the proceeds of the event are donated to a local qualified charity.  This contribution can be quite large too.  Often times a local group in need will provide the event with assistance too.  We work hard to recognize all local groups, charities, and organizations and may present the check to the charity representatives at the banquet (when possible).  All of our hunter entries are proud of this tradition.

PRIZES- Typically the prizes are presented to about the first 15 teams along with trophies to roughly the top five teams. The copyrighted Arizona Ammunition, LLC.® Championship Trophy Buckles are only presented to the over all World Champions.  Sponsors in the shooting and hunting industry provide enough prizes that generally all entries receive a prize(s).  Many very high quality prizes are donated each year to this great event.  That includes game caller, scopes, firearms, knives, gift certificates and much more. Several of the events return 100 % of the entry fee cost back to the contestants and charity.

THE NEXT WCCCC®- The event in 2023 operated by the WCCCC® for the next great WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP COYOTE CALLING CONTEST®! If you have any questions please feel free to call Josh Smith in Elko, Nevada for more information. Also go to the worldchampionshipcoyote callingcontest on FACEBOOK for more information and Entry Forms. Please know that they do not provide the exact location to anyone except paid entries only!  Please do not ask for the location!

FUTURE WCCCC®- Please know that they do not provide the exact location to anyone except paid entries only!  Please do not ask for the location!

NEW LOCATIONS- As stated they continue to look for new locations for future WCCCC® too.  If your community would like to host the WCCCC® in the future please contact us so we can give you the details of our needs for this great event. Clubs, organizations, and individuals are not allowed to host the WCCCC® any more.  Only the WCCCC® organization will host the overall event.  Volunteers are welcome to assist and maybe paid for that help. Please know that they do not provide the exact location to anyone except paid entries only!  Please do not ask for the location!

520-586-2582 or by Email- we answer 7 days per week but we no longer operate the event and will have to refer you to Josh Smith who now operates it. Or go to worldchampionshipcoyotecalling on FACEBOOK for more information.